Kalapatthar in Everest: A Spectacular Viewpoint for Mountains

Amazing view on the way to Kalapatthar in Everest

Kalapatthar is certainly one of the important highlights of Everest Base Camp Trek. It is the highest point included in the itinerary of the trek. But many trekkers do not make it to this amazing viewpoint at all. But, why? Kalapatthar is the early morning hiking destination from Gorakshep on most of the itineraries. So, most of the trekkers prefer the warmth of the bed instead of embarking on a strenuous hike before the break of dawn. Kalapatthar in Everest has many wonderful charms to offer to the trekkers who make it there.

As you sleep overnight at Gorakshep after visiting Everest Base Camp, you expect to make it to Kalapatthar the next morning. But many give up on the idea and stay back at the teahouse while some enthusiasts start their way towards the amazing Kalapatthar viewpoint. Gorakshep is the base for the hike to Kalapatthar and is also the highest overnight stop on the trip. Sleeping at the elevation over 5,000 meters from sea level prepares you for the hike up to 5,545 meters early morning.

Whether you trek straight to the base camp or you go via Gokyo Lakes, you will eventually reach Kalapatthar in Everest if you are adventurous enough.

Let’s take a look at some facts about Kalapatthar in Everest.

Highest Point on the Everest Base Camp Trek

Situated at the elevation of 5,545 meters above sea level, Kalapatthar is the highest point on the trek to EBC. Although the ultimate destination of the trek is to reach the base camp of the highest mountain on earth, Kalapatthar stands much higher than the base camp.

Spectacular Viewpoint

It is not only the highest point on the trek but also the most spectacular viewpoint for Mt. Everest and the surroundings. As you cannot see the Mt. Everest from the base camp, Kalapatthar is the best point to be in for an amazing sight of the highest mountain. It also offers a beautiful experience of sunrise over the mountains. Once you stand at the top of the viewpoint, you will find every around to be magical. It’s certainly an overwhelming situation to be in.

You will not believe what you are looking at is reality.

Tantalizing View of Mt. Pumori

As you ascend the trail up towards the viewpoint, you will get an unbelievable view of Mt. Pumori (7,161m). The early morning challenge and effort to hike up to the viewpoint slowly gets the reward in the form of unfolding spectacular views of the mountains. And the view starts with the exposure of the top of beautiful Mt. Pumori. The other mountains slowly unfold to your view.

Sunrise View over the Mountains

Sunrises are certainly worthy experiences to go for. And it is certainly an amazing experience to watch and enjoy the sunrise over the mountains including the highest mountain on earth. The early morning hike to Kalapatthar intends to take you to the top for the sunrise view that you will never forget in your life. Your early morning adventure of leaving the warmth of your bed sleeping bag brings you such enriching experience of a beautiful sunrise over the Mt. Everest and other magical mountains.

Many Trekkers skip Kalapatthar

Most of the trekkers who trek to the base camp skip the hike to Kalapatthar. Yes, you read that right. Only a few trekkers, less than half of the total number of trekkers, make it to this highest point on the trip. Since it is not the ultimate destination of the trip, many people really don’t bother to hike to Kalapatthar. Trekkers in Everest want to be at the base camp which they certainly do unless any unforeseen circumstances come their way. But to hike up to Kalapatthar, many will think twice.

Although it is a challenging task to hike early morning at the elevation over 5,000 meters, it is certainly a worthy adventure to take. You will cherish what you experience. The views of mountains, sunrise, and the hike itself bring you unforgettable memories to your experience riches.

Would you take the challenge of Kalapatthar hiking if you were to trek to the Everest base camp?