Jungle Safari Activities in Nepal

Jungle Safari Activities in Nepal

Jungle Safari in Nepal is one of the main attractions that bring travelers to enjoy the encounter with amazing wild animals.
Two national parks – Chitwan National Park and Bardiya National Park – are primarily famous for the jungle safari activities in Nepal. Jungle safari in Nepal is a wonderful opportunity to explore and enjoy the wild animals, especially the one-horned rhinoceros and Bengal tiger. A wildlife tour in one of these national parks gives you an amazing experience of exploring the wildlife.

Multiple activities in the jungle will offer you great chances to see animals in the wild. You can see from one-horned rhinoceros to the Bengal tiger and several other animals like deer, bears, wild boar, bison, crocodile, etc. We have focused this post on what activities you go on to explore the wildlife.

Jungle Safari Activities in Nepal

Elephant Back Safari

Although there have been numerous concerns from animal rights organizations about the use of elephants on wildlife safari tours, elephant back safari has been one of the most popular jungle safari activities in Nepal. In fact, this is the most sought-after activity of all when tourists go for a jungle safari in Nepal.

Riding the back of domesticated elephants and exploring deeper into the jungle is the best opportunity of encountering wild animals. The well-kept and well-fed elephants take four people on their back and go around deeper into the jungle on the elephant back safari tour.

Jeep Safari

A perfect alternative for elephant back safari, jeep safari is another popular jungle safari activity in the wildlife adventure in Nepal. The jeep safari takes you deeper into the national park for longer than the elephant back safari. Being longer in the jungle brings more time to explore the wildlife.

Those who want to skip elephant back safari can choose this alternative that they surely will enjoy.

Canoe Ride

A Dug-out canoe ride is another highlight of the jungle safari activities in Nepal. This activity is the best chance to witness crocodiles. The freshwater animals are in plenty on the river that you will go for a canoe ride.

You can see two types of crocodiles – marsh mugger and gharial. This is a peaceful yet exciting adventure on the crocodile-infested river. Although it sounds quite scary, the activity is quite exciting and safe to go for.

Jungle Walk

Walking through the jungle and looking for wild animals is another exciting adventure activity during a jungle safari tour in Nepal. Although the walk is not a long one, it is an exciting and peaceful adventure that brings you closer to nature and chance to see wild animals.

Tharu Cultural Show

In addition to the jungle safari activities, you will also get to experience the ethnic Tharu cultural show. The Tharu is an ethnic community living nearby the national park for ages. Their unique ethnic cultural show is a highlight of the tour.

These activities will offer you an experience of a wonderful wildlife holiday experience. As one of the main tourist attractions in Nepal, jungle safari tour packages have been developed. The tour operators in Nepal mainly combine jungle safari activities with other tour activities to develop a holiday package. As the jungle safari tour package in itself is short, of 3 days at the maximum, combining it with other activities makes the Nepal travel experience more holistic.

The wildlife adventure in Nepal surely makes your holiday full of fun, excitement, and experience. The mentioned activities here in the post cover several memorable experiences that you will love.