Is trekking in Nepal safe in the wake of COVID?

Trekking in Nepal

The tourism activities that came to a complete halt due to the pandemic have been gaining life slowly as the situation improves. Trekking in Nepal has always been an attraction to adventure enthusiasts. Thousands of people would traverse the Himalayan trails throughout the year and enjoy the magnificence of the mountains. Now the question is whether trekking activity is safe in the wake of pandemics.

Let’s talk more about this issue.
Although the cases of COVID have gone significantly down in Nepal, the question about safe traveling still exists. While the vaccination drive has gone up covering most of the professionals working in the field and offices, it has lowered the risk.
Most importantly, people have been aware of safety measures. The professionals working in the tourism industry in Nepal have been vaccinated. Whether you want to go to Everest Base Camp Trek or you just want to explore the cities of Nepal, the guides and field support staff have received the vaccine and are quite aware and responsible for following the safety measures.

Is Trekking in Nepal safe in the wake of COVID?

As the situation is quite uncertain and fluctuating, we are not in a state of saying anything for sure. But while we assess the current situation in Nepal, we can certainly say that the situation here is quite safe now. You can enjoy trekking or exploring the cultural wonders of Nepal in a safer environment.

Is On-arrival Visa available now?

If you have received the full dose of vaccination against the virus, you can obtain a Nepal visa on your arrival. Vaccinated people also do not need to stay in quarantine. But if you are not vaccinated and want to travel to Nepal, you need to get a visa from a Nepali diplomatic mission in your country and need to stay in quarantine upon your arrival.
However, you need to produce a PCR negative report before boarding the flight.

Where to go trekking at this time?

The mountains are open now for the trekkers and mountaineers to enjoy. You can go trekking to any region you want to. But here are some trekking trips that we recommend you to go.


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