Interesting Facts About Everest Helicopter Tour

Everest Helicopter Tour

What can be the interesting facts about Everest helicopter tour that make it worth going for? Let’s read about some of the highlights and facts of the tour.

You must have heard about a helicopter tour to the Everest if you have searched about the Everest. This luxury adventure exploring of the Everest region in the mountains is a beautiful way of enjoying the mountains. If you want to explore the Everest region but cannot take a long time off to trek, this is a perfect choice. It certainly costs you more money but the experience you get back is worth it. Mount Everest is protected inside the Sagarmatha National Park which is listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Here are some interesting facts about Everest Helicopter Tour.

A Helicopter has a maximum of 5 passengers

During the helicopter exploration of the Everest region, a helicopter can carry a maximum of five passengers from Kathmandu. You can also do this tour on a sharing basis if you are alone or just two persons. Or you can just book a helicopter for yourself or your group and set off to Everest. Either way, you will have only five passengers at the maximum in a helicopter.

Tour of about 3.5 hours

The actual tour of the Everest by a helicopter goes for about 3.5 hours. You start the tour in Kathmandu airport and fly to the Everest region. The tour allows you some incredible time to spend in the beautiful surroundings of the Everest. From flight take off to landing back in Kathmandu, you will spend about 3.5 hours. This period of time brings you wonderful memories to treasure for life.

Helicopter lands at Lukla

After flying from Kathmandu, the helicopter lands at Lukla. It doesn’t take you straight to the Everest. It is one of the interesting facts about Everest helicopter tour. You need to land at Lukla to refuel the chopper to fly up towards Kalapatthar. This tour brings you the chance to observe Lukla airport, one of the most adventurous airports in the world. This is also the main gateway for the trekkers in the Everest region. Beautiful mountains will welcome you to the Everest.

Land at Kalapatthar

Everest Helicopter TourKalapatthar is situated at the elevation of 5,545 meters above sea level. This is a beautiful place with a close-up and panoramic view of the mountains including Mt. Everest. The helicopter lands at this beautiful viewpoint and you will have some time to enjoy the surroundings. You will spend time at Kalapatthar enjoying the view of the mountains and glaciers. It is a wonderful experience of standing amidst such vast mountains and enjoying the moments. This is certainly the best of the highlights of the tour.

Enjoy the moments of being right in front of the highest mountain on earth.

Breakfast with View

After exploring the magnificent view from Kalapatthar, you will fly back to Syangboche and stop there for breakfast. This place provides an incredible view of the Mt. Everest and other mountains. Enjoy breakfast in the mountains with the view of the highest mountain on earth is certainly a surreal experience. This experience is also the highlight of the Everest Helicopter Tour.

In addition to the interesting facts about Everest helicopter tour; this adventure brings a beautiful experience of exploring mountains. When you do not have enough time to trek all the way to the Everest base camp, this trip is the perfect option for you. The only fact of being this tour costing more should not hold you back from exploring the wonders of Everest. It is certainly a once in a lifetime experience.

If you also want to go on the tour, please let us know. We organize the amazing experience of the helicopter tour to the Everest and other regions of the mountains in Nepal.

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