How to Prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek

How to prepare for Everest Base Camp Trek

The popularity of the Everest Base Camp Trek is unquestionable fame. Many people would aspire to trek to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world. But proper planning of how to prepare for the Everest Base Camp Trek will be of great advantage and of help prior to the adventure. There are so many things that you should prepare for the adventure to make it a smooth and better experience. Walking adventure to the Everest base camp will be an awesome trip if you prepare the steps properly.

How to Prepare for the Everest Base Camp Trek: A Basic Preparation Guide for an Awesome Adventure

Going on the adventure of your life certainly needs good preparation. And Everest Base Camp Trek is a high altitude trekking that takes you to the wilderness of the high mountains. It requires certain careful steps that you need to look into before embarking on the adventure. Having a good preparation will keep you on the safer, smoother and happier side of the adventure. Read these points carefully and plan accordingly.

Set your expectation right

You certainly want to enjoy the adventure trek to the base camp of the Mt. Everest. Setting up some expectations during the adventure will allow you more flexibility to enjoy the adventure. As this is a high altitude trekking in the wilderness of the mountains, you need to expect the very minimum of the physical luxury. From the accommodations to food, things are pretty basic. Luxury is a rare thing in the mountains. Everything that you come across will have an adventure in it.
Although there are some luxury accommodations along the trail, most of those are pretty basic lodge accommodations. You have to be ready to enjoy the minimum of the material luxuries. But you can certainly expect overwhelming views of the mountains, peaceful nature and amazing cultural riches along the trail. Keep in mind that you are on a trekking adventure, not on a luxury tour.

Work on your fitness

As you will need to walk for several days in the mountains during the adventure, you will need to be in good shape. When you decide to go on the adventure and book it, start immediately to keep your fitness level to a minimum standard. Although you do not need to train for mountaineering skills, you definitely need to have a good fitness level. Traversing the trail up and down the mountains for multiple days surely require you to be fit enough.
You can go for short hiking trips if they are available around you or can make it somewhere; run a few miles every day; do cardio exercises etc. to keep yourself in shape for the adventure.

Pack the essentials

Packing is an important part of how to prepare for the Everest base camp trek. If you know what to pack for the Everest base camp trek, you will find yourself comfortable throughout the adventure. Poor packing can keep you in trouble with such an adventurous trip in the wilderness of the mountains. You need to check, recheck and make sure that you have everything that you are going to need in the mountains. Talking to your trip organizer or an expert on the adventure will be a wise idea as they can recommend you exactly what you will need for your adventure on your preferred time to travel.

Get insurance

Before embarking on the adventure, you have to buy an insurance policy that covers you at a high altitude. Since you will be on an adventure walking in the high altitude of the mountains, you are bearing some risks all the time throughout the adventure. So, you need to make sure that the insurance you buy covers you perfectly at the high elevation if you get into some trouble.

Buy a ticket and fly to Nepal

The last but not the least of the preparation part of the trip – buy a ticket to Kathmandu, Nepal. Sounds silly suggestion, right? Yes, we are being a little silly for fun but you have to buy a ticket to Nepal anyway. You also need to have a passport to be able to fly into Nepal and get a visa to enter the country. Getting a visa to Nepal can be done upon your arrival at the airport in Kathmandu. You just need to have your passport, pictures, and money handy. If you want to skip a long line to get a visa at the airport, you can obtain it from the embassy of Nepal in your country.

When you follow these steps before going on the adventure walk to the Everest Base Camp, you are perfectly ready for it. You can now be excited to experience and enjoy the adventure. We wish you happy trekking.

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