How to Hire a Trekking Guide in Nepal

You should know how to hire a trekking guide in Nepal to traverse such landscape

A trekking guide leads you on the trek in the mountains. When you plan a trekking adventure in Nepal, you should know how to hire a trekking guide in Nepal.  A guide is not simply the person who knows the route. He certainly has to have a good knowledge of the trekking area. And in addition, he must be able to communicate well; explain the circumstances; implement safety measures if required, etc. It is a job of great responsibility.

So, you must know what to look for in your guide. There are so many guides out there and not all are good ones. Their experience matters a lot when it comes to your safety and experience of the trek. You should learn before hiring a trekking guide if he is qualified, registered and well experienced. A good guide makes your trekking a wonderful adventure while a bad guide can wreck the whole experience. Thus, read some great tips here on how to hire a trekking guide in Nepal.

Here is what to look for while hiring a trekking guide in Nepal.

Learn if your trekking guide is qualified

To be a trekking guide in Nepal, one should take training after working in the mountains for at least two years as a trekking crew member. When a person is ready to train as a guide, he already knows a bit about the mountains. Once he finishes the training, the government of Nepal issues a license for him to work as a guide.

So, it is really important for you to know whether your to-be trekking guide is a licensed guide. You can certainly ask this question without any hesitation.

Ask how many times he has trekked in the region that you want to go

It is important for you to know whether your guide knows the area well. You can ask your guide how many times he has trekked in the area that you are heading to. The more experienced your guide, the better trekking experience you will have. If your guide knows the area well, he can explain to you the things about the place well.  Having an experienced guide makes a lot of difference in your adventure experience. This is one of the things you should know about how to hire a trekking guide in Nepal.

Know if your to-be guide can communicate well

It is always wise to meet your guide before the start of your trek. You can assess whether the person can communicate well or not. The meeting before the trip also gives you the chance to get comfortable with the guide. You will get to know whether you will feel comfortable with the person to go on the trek. Getting well along with the guide is a crucial factor of the trek.

Where to look for a trekking guide?

Most of the trekking guides are freelancers although mostly they work for a company. So, you will find a trekking guide if you contact a trekking company. You may also find some guides on the street offering their service to you. But going with a reputable company will bring you better guides. Better and experienced guides are always in contact with trekking companies.

While you can buy a trekking package that includes most of the things, you can also choose to hire a guide alone. You can decide whether you need a porter or not. You guide does not carry your luggage on the trek. It is the porter who carries the things for you. So, you can decide whether you need a porter or not while hiring a guide in Nepal. If you are trekking alone and think that you cannot carry your own stuff, you can also opt for a guide cum porter service. In doing so, you will get an experienced porter who can communicate well and knows the area well. But he is not a fully licensed guide. He has worked as an assistant guide on the treks.

In addition to offering you the trekking packages, we also offer you the guide service. As a company, we are a team of experienced guides and professionals. We always strive to offer you the best. Let us know if you need any help on how to hire a trekking guide in Nepal.

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