Hotels in Nepal

Being a hub of international tourism and a beautiful country which has plenty of natural wonders and other things to explore, hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists visit the country for travelling and other purpose. Understandably we need to have good hotels to accommodate the visiting tourists with great hospitality and services. The foreigners are very choosy about the type of hotels they want to stay in Nepal and hence availability of some good hotels in Kathmandu and other major cities in Nepal is very important to appease them so that they will enjoy their vacation in Nepal. There are plenty of good hotels in Kathmandu and also in other major cities like Butwal, Pokhara, Chitwan, among others. The Capital city of Kathmandu has some of the best services for Hotels in Nepal as close to 9-10 five star Hotels are located in the Capital city. Some of the popular five star hotels in Kathmandu are Hotel Yak and Yeti, Hotel Soaltee, Radisson Hotel, Hyaat Regency etc. Such five start hotels have all the great facilities and have world class services and hence they are the best options for the tourists who want to experience some great hospitality and services in Nepal.

As Nepal has over eight mountain peaks which are above 8000 meters of altitude, Peak Climbing in Nepal is one of the most followed and popular activity in Trekking in Nepal package for the visiting tourists. The world’s tallest peak of Mount Everest and other peaks like Mount Manaslu, Mount Annpurna among others are popular for Peak Climbing in Nepal. Similarly, Paragliding in Nepal is an adventure activity that is very popular in Nepal and it happens to be one of the strongest reasons why foreign tourists visit here for Tour in Nepal besides other activities of trekking and peak climbing. Paragliding in Nepal makes it possible for the tourists to fly over the sky like a free bird and observe the surroundings while still floating in the sky. Hence, Paragliding in Nepal is a totally fun-filled activity and a very important part of Tour in Nepal travel package. Hence, it is very paramount to have good hotels in Nepal so as to keep the tourists entertained with the services and help them in prolonging their stay in the country which again helps to promote tourism in the country.