Beautiful Highlights of Gokyo Valley Trek

Highlights of Gokyo Valley Trek

Gokyo Valley is the hidden gem in the Everest region. It is one of the best trekking destinations in the Himalayas. Exploring the highlights of Gokyo Valley on a trekking adventure bring a memorable experience to cherish. Although it goes in the Everest region, it doesn’t reach the base camp of the Everest. However, you can certainly integrate the Everest base camp with Gokyo valley.

When you go to explore Gokyo valley only, the highest you will reach is the Gokyo Ri. The highlights of Gokyo valley offer any adventure trekker with an awesome experience. After starting from Lukla, the trek follows Dudh Koshi river valley higher towards the Gokyo valley.

The trek to the Everest Base Camp via Gokyo valley is also a fascinating adventure.

Let’s talk about some of the highlights of Gokyo valley trek.

These highlights that we have mentioned here on the post come along the trail. The highlights make the trek to Gokyo valley truly an experience of a lifetime.

Lukla Airport

The first wonder of the adventure we come across is the airport at Lukla. This small airport is the main gateway to the Everest region. Landing at the small airstrip at Lukla is beginning of the adventure. The adventure becomes more thrilling when the magnificent mountains appear to our view. It is an incredible way to start the adventure.

An amazing view of the mountains will welcome us at the Lukla airport to give a good start of the trek. Lukla airport is certainly one of the highlights of Gokyo valley trek.

Dudh Koshi River Valley

The trek goes along the Dudh Koshi river valley that gives us a wonderful experience. In addition to the flow of white water in the river, the valley boasts a rich nature. Trekking through the river valley is one of the most beautiful experiences of the trip. It feels serene to walk and enjoy the sound of the river through the valley.

We also come across local settlements along the trail that give us some local lifestyle experience. The river valley walk contributes to making the trip one of the beautiful experiences of your lifetime.

Namche Bazar

Namche Bazar is the most happening place in the Everest region. It is the Sherpa capital in the region for various reasons. Staying in Namche is like staying in a city amidst the Himalayan surroundings. Namche Bazar is certainly one of the highlights of the Gokyo valley trek. The place is also an acclimatization point for trekking adventures in the Everest region.

With hotels, lodges, restaurants, bar, bakery, ATM, etc Namche Bazar has everything that you wish for in the mountains. You will feel it lively in the middle of the mountains.

Gokyo Lakes

Another of the highlights of Gokyo Valley is the presence of glacial lakes in the hidden valley. The Gokyo Lakes are the charm and the heart of the region. These glacial lakes make the Himalayan valley an incredibly beautiful place to explore.

When we explore the Gokyo Valley, we stay overnight on the shore of the third lake. The trek takes us past two beautiful lakes only to spend wonderful time at the third lake. We can also explore the beauty of the fourth and the fifth lakes on a day hiking adventure. If we take these lakes out from the region, we will miss a lot of things there.

Gokyo Ri

The highest elevation of the Gokyo Valley Trek, Gokyo Ri is an outstanding viewpoint above the Gokyo Lakes. Impressively standing at the elevation of 5,357 meters above sea level, Gokyo Ri brings the view of massive Himalayan range and glaciers in the surroundings. Although the hike up to the Ri is challenging, it is certainly worth going for.

The view from the top is simply overwhelming that we forget everything. Once we reach the Gokyo Ri, we stay in awe and speechless. We simply breathe in the magnificence and breathe out all the challenging effort we made to reach the top.


These amazing places along the trek make the adventure wonderful. There can be several other highlights of Gokyo valley but these ones mentioned on this post never miss to leave you in awe. These are the highlights that make your trip an experience of a lifetime.

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