Guide to Everest Base Camp Trek

Adventure Himalaya Circuit is the reliable Everest Base Camp Trek Guide which organizes exciting journey to the foot of world’s highest Everest Mountain. We are one of the leading trekking organizers which organizes fixed departure Everest Base Camp Trek.

You will be accompanied by one highly experienced guide to Everest Base Camp trek. We select local guides who have born and spent their childhood in Everest so that they have got full knowledge of local culture and wildlife. Trekking to Everest is always a risky job as you need to walk through the places located at high altitude. So, the knowledge of emergency treatment is of utmost importance. We are proud to say that all of our Everest guides are well trained in Emergency treatment. Also, being the native guides, they are well familiar with the alternate routes which you can easily take if the main EBC trekking route is blocked due to landslide and other unforeseen circumstances. Our guides have quick decision making abilities so that they can take immediate actions as per necessity. They are friendly and extremely helpful. Just tell to your guide if you feel difficulty in walking or if you feel sick and the guide will assist you and take necessary steps according to the level of seriousness.

Remember Adventure Himalaya Circuit if you are looking for professional EBC trekking guide who will ensure the successful and safe trekking to Everest Base Camp. We offer the lowest EBC trekking guide cost.