Gokyo Lakes: Hidden Paradise in the Himalayas

Gokyo Lakes Hidden Gems in the Himalayas

When we go trekking in the mountains in Nepal, we come across many wonderful things that we cannot even imagine that they exist before going there. But, yes, there exist such places that will blow our minds away when we witness the beauty. Gokyo Lakes is such a hidden gem in the Himalayas that can take anyone’s breath away.

Where is Gokyo Lakes?

The beautiful emerald-green glacial lakes are in the Gokyo Valley of the Everest region. It comes under Sagarmatha National Park which is also a World Heritage Site. Spread in different locations in the Gokyo valley, the lakes make a wonderful sight to behold in the region.
Situated in the surroundings of the Ngozumpa glacier, the longest glacier in the Himalayas, the Gokyo lakes are the true gems in the region. The beauty of the Himalayan range looks even more impressive with the presence of beautiful lakes.

How to reach the Lakes?

All beautiful things come to us after a bit of struggle and suffering. Gokyo Lakes is also the same as it requires us to take a trekking adventure to the valley. Gokyo Lake Trek is the best option to explore the wonderful beauty of the place.
Trekking up the trail in the high-altitude mountainous surroundings that leads to the lakes, we need to spend several days in the mountain wilderness. The trail follows the route to Everest Base Camp for a couple of days and takes a different route towards the lakes.
We can also trek to the Everest base camp crossing Cho La pass after exploring the lakes if we want to make the adventure longer and more challenging.

Is the Adventure worth our Effort?

Who does not want to be in a heavenly place on earth even if it takes a challenging effort to reach there? Trekking to the Gokyo Lakes is certainly a challenging feat but it’s completely worth the effort.
Reaching the beautiful Gokyo valley after multiple days of trekking is a surreal experience that we can have in the Himalayan surroundings. It is not only the view of the Lakes and surroundings but also the entire adventure that will amaze us throughout.

Sounds like the place you want to be in? If yes, let us know or shoot us with any questions you may have about the place.

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