Flight to Lukla: An Adventure to the Gateway to Everest

Amazing view of a flight to Lukla airport to get to the Everest region.

Flight to Lukla is the easiest and quickest means of getting into Everest region for trekking. A tiny airstrip situated at the elevation of 2,860 meters above sea level, Tenzing Hilary Airport in Lukla is one of the most dangerous airports in the world. It is not only one of the most dangerous but also one of the most scenic airports. Flying into Lukla airport from Kathmandu is an adventure as well as a marvelous experience.

If you are planning to trek to the Everest base camp or in the region, you must have researched the ways of getting there. And the adventurous flight to Lukla is one of the several ways to get into the Everest region and set off for the trek. It lets you access to the Everest region quicker than any other means. Although you can trek to Lukla after taking a bus to Shivalaya or Phaplu, you will love taking a flight to Lukla.

Is the Flight to Lukla really Dangerous?

The most popular way of traveling to the Everest these days, flying into Lukla is certainly considered to be dangerous. The airport in Lukla has been rated as the most dangerous airport in the world. Given the location, climate and size of the airport, it certainly bears risks thus is adventurous to fly there.

Despite the danger it bears, it is also one of the most spectacular flight experiences you will ever have in your life. Traveling to the Everest region will feel like an incomplete adventure without the flight experience.

It is not a hidden fact that there have been several accidents at Lukla airport. The uncertainty of the flight makes the trip to Everest even more thrilling experience. Although it is all about the fate of people, the danger the flight involves certainly gives you a nervous chill. But it is a worthy adventure to go for.

How long is the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla?

The flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is short but certainly spectacular and adventurous. It takes more or less half an hour of flight with marvelous views of the mountains. Although the actual flight time is short, you can get the experience of a lifetime. Once you take off from the airport in Kathmandu, you will get to enjoy awe-inspiring views of the Himalayan range throughout the entire flight on a clear day.

View of the mountainous landscape after the flight to Lukla to get to the Everest

Flight Delay and Cancellation

The excitement of flying into the most adventurous and spectacular airport comes with a little patience and wait. If you get to fly on time to or from Lukla, you are really a lucky person. Delay in flight schedule is a normal thing when you are flying to Lukla. You need to be prepared for the delay when you leave for the airport.

It is not only the flight delay but also the cancellation of your flight for the day is a possible situation. So you also need to be prepared for the possible cancellation of the flight. Delay and cancellation of the flight are all due to the weather condition in Lukla. It often gets windy and cloudy in Lukla that makes it impossible for the small aircraft to land and take off.

What if the flight gets canceled for several days?

As the flight schedule to Lukla is totally dependent on the weather condition in Lukla, you need to be well-prepared for the situation before you plan a trip to Everest. If the flight gets canceled for several days and you still want to travel to the Everest, taking a helicopter flight to Lukla is the best option. You need to be prepared for this situation mentally and financially as well.

In case of flight cancellation for several days, you will get the refund but the helicopter flight cost might cost extra money on top of your regular flight cost.

Taking a helicopter flight to Lukla in case of regular flight cancellation is not the Everest Helicopter Tour

Or if you do not want to take a helicopter flight in case of regular flight cancellation, you can choose to go for an alternative itinerary. You should also be ready for a change in the itinerary in that situation.

After all, traveling to the Everest region for a trekking trip is an adventure that involves a lot of excitement, uncertainties, and fun. And starting the wonderful trekking adventure with an exciting flight to Lukla is certainly a fascinating experience.