Facts about Upper Mustang Trek

Facts about Upper Mustang Trek

The solitude of the Upper Mustang region in the Himalayas is what makes a trip there a unique experience. An incredibly beautiful remote Himalayan region, the area offers a wonderful mix of landscapes, views, and cultural riches. In this blog, we talk about a few wonderful facts about Upper Mustang Trek. After reading this article, you will come to know so much about the region and have an idea of the travel experience there.

Unlike other popular trekking adventures, trekking to the remote mountains in Mustang has a different experience. A trekking adventure to Mustang is not only a trip but a lifetime journey for many reasons. We are going to talk about those facts that make travel here memory to cherish.


Facts about Upper Mustang Trek

The trek to Upper Mustang is a remote area, also common as restricted area trekking, in the Himalayas in Nepal has so much to offer. A few wonderful things about the trip are on the list that we are writing about today.

Beautiful and Ancient Cultural Wonders

One of the most important facts about Upper Mustang Trek is the beautiful culture in the region. The cultural richness of Upper Mustang is simply a unique and beautiful one. It has a strong influence on Buddhism and guides the lifestyle accordingly. Many interesting ancient stories that people have faith in have great contributions to shaping their cultural lifestyle. The timelessness of cultural practices there makes their life so simple yet magnificently beautiful that inspires you. It is certainly an unbelievable fact to see and experience such surprises in today’s world.

Views that make you say WOW

Another wonderful fact of the region is certainly the view of mountains and surroundings. Its dramatic and rugged landscape is what amazes travelers. The view of such surroundings is unlikely to find anywhere in the Himalayas. It is amazing to see jagged cliffs and walls with caves on them. The landscapes offer an experience of being in the true wilderness of the mountains.

Restricted Region Trek

The Himalayas in Nepal has certain areas that are categorized as restricted regions. One of the most important facts about Upper Mustang Trek is that it comes under a restricted region. It takes a special permit to be able to trek there and group trekking only is allowed. Of all the restricted region trekking adventures, Upper Mustang Trek is a popular and beautiful option

Its remoteness and vastness of the rugged mountainous landscapes offer a lifetime experience of traveling. Thus, it is one of the worth restricted-region treks that you should go for.

Beautiful Oasis-like Settlements

The entire region of the Upper Mustang is dry and looks like a desert of mountains. But there are areas in regular intervals in the vast stretch of the mountains where we can see beautiful human settlements. These villages and nearby areas make an oasis in the dry, barren, and vast expansion of the mountains. You can enjoy the beauty of local villages, lifestyle, and cultural riches there.


The facts that we have talked about in this article are just a few of many that the region has to offer. It talks to you the best through experience and that is what we do. We have taken several adventurers to the region and they have enjoyed the experience.

This time it’s your turn and we are always ready to take you there and offer an adventure trekking experience like nowhere else. Are you ready to go? Let us know.