Everest Helicopter Trek: Exploring the Mountains in Style

Everest Helicopter Trek

So, wondering what the Everest Helicopter Trek is like? It is one of the most wonderful and stylish ways to explore the world’s highest mountain. The trip has a trekking adventure to the base camp and a helicopter flight back from the base camp.

It is essentially a trekking adventure to the Everest base camp but with a different style of return, i.e. by helicopter. Everest Base Camp Heli Trek is shorter than the regular trekking adventure to the base camp. The trekking adventure takes you to beautiful places in the Everest region as you traverse the trail up towards the Everest base camp. You will get to explore and enjoy all the wonderful sights and places that come along the trail. Just to make your trip a comfortable, special, and different experience, this trip uses a chopper to take you back from the mountains.

Everest Helicopter Trek: Exploring the Mountains in Style

This is a trip where you can explore the mountains in style. Although your trek is like regular trekkers’ to the Everest base camp, you will make your return trip completely different. When you finish exploring Everest base camp and Kalapatthar, you will be lifted by a chopper from Gorakshep.

A direct helicopter pick-up has been arranged from Gorakshep to take you back to Kathmandu on the ninth day of the trip. You wake up early in the wonderful mountain vicinity at Gorakshep and hike up to Kalapatthar and enjoy an even more spectacular view of the mountains in the region.

The trip follows a normal trekking itinerary up to the base camp. It takes you eight days to reach the Everest base camp. As you traverse the trail up towards the base camp, you spend two days in between as part of acclimatization. The extra days are essential to adjust to the increasing elevation of the mountains.

Why the Adventure?

There are several factors that make this adventure an ideal trekking trip for you. First of all, it is the trek to the base camp of the world’s highest mountain. Secondly, it has the luxury of returning back on a helicopter after a tiring trek to the base camp.

Other wonderful features of trekking to the Everest base camp are certainly part of this trek as well. With a planned helicopter return, the trip is shorter than a regular trek. It saves you time and adds more to the experience.

This is a way of making the trekking experience to the Everest base camp an unforgettable one. You will fall in love with the beauty of the Everest region, the people, culture, nature, and the mountain vistas.

From exploring the base camp to witnessing the mountain magnificence from Kalapatthar, you can experience everything. You will traverse the entire trekking route to the base camp and experience the whole route. The only difference on the trip is that you will not trek back to Namche. You will fly back from Gorakshep instead.

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