Everest Base Camp Tour Packages

Everest Base Camp Tour Packages

There are many different treks and packages that take you to the Everest base camp. Although the Everest region is more famous for trekking, there are several other ways to explore the region. Of many ways of exploring the Everest region, we are going to write a comparative account of different trips. This write-up is basically about Everest Base Camp Tour packages that give you an awesome Everest experience.

All of the trip packages mentioned above take you to the base camp of the highest mountain on earth but operate in different styles. Let’s take a look at how the experiences of the trips differ from each other.

Everest Base Camp Tour Packages: Choose the one that suits you the best

These three Everest base camp tour packages are some of the best ways to explore the magnificence of the Everest base camp. To have an idea of what the trip experience is like, let’s take a look at them individually.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is the adventure that most of the trekkers in Nepal prefer to go to. We can call this trip the most popular one in Nepal.

This adventure has a total of 11 days of trek that starts and finishes at Lukla. However, the entire trip is of 16 days in total. You will trek along the trail that passes through beautiful villages and surroundings. The trek towards the base camp takes eight days to complete including two days of acclimatization break along the trail.

This adventure takes acclimatization breaks at Namche and Dingboche to adjust with the higher altitudes. You will eventually reach the Everest base camp on the 8th day of the trek. It is a wonderful feeling to stand at the base camp of the highest mountain and enjoy the surroundings. We cannot simply explain the feeling in words here.

You will also hike to Kalapatthar to enjoy an unparalleled view of the mountains standing at 5,545 meters above sea level, the highest altitude of the trip.

Everest Helicopter Tour

Everest Helicopter Tour is for the people who want to explore Everest base camp but want to avoid trekking or do not have enough time to go on a trekking adventure. This is a day tour to the Everest base camp from Kathmandu.
This trip has the privilege of waking up in the comfort of your bed in Kathmandu and heading to the Everest base camp. You fly to Everest by helicopter, explore the mountains, and also enjoy a delicious breakfast as you enjoy the view of the mountains.

The tour is for about 4-5 hours including the flight time with the exploration of the mountains and breakfast time. This is one of the best Everest base camp tour packages to experience in a short time.

Everest Base Camp Tour Packages

Everest Base Camp Heli Trek

This third option of exploring the Everest base camp is a mix of trekking adventure and helicopter flight from Everest base camp back to Kathmandu. Everest Base Camp Heli Trek is a trip package where you trek up to the Everest base camp but take a helicopter flight back to Kathmandu from the mountains.

This trip excludes the trekking part back to Lukla from the base camp but you fly back straight to Kathmandu. It has fewer days than the Everest base camp trek so it is an ideal trip if you want to mix and enjoy trekking and a helicopter flight from the magnificent Everest.

On this comparative write-up on Everest Base Camp Trek vs Everest Helicopter Tour vs Everest Base Camp Heli Trek, we have given you a short account of how each of these trips operates. While all of the trips take you to Everest to explore and enjoy the beautiful mountains, you can choose the one that you feel suits you the best.

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