Difference between EBC and ABC Treks

Difference between EBC and ABC Treks

In this post today, we are going to talk about the two famous base camp treks in the mountains of Nepal. Everest Base Camp and Annapurna Base Camp are the two famous trekking destinations in Nepal. These trekking adventures attract thousands of trekkers from around the world every year. So what makes these two base camp treks different from each other? Read this post to find the difference between EBC and ABC Treks.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp Trek is probably the most sought-after trekking adventure in the world but it is certainly the one in Nepal. The magnificence of Mt. Everest and its base camp simply attract trekkers to the region.

Thousands of trekkers traverse the trail towards the Everest base camp every year. From the flight to Lukla to the walking activity in the mountains, people look for an exciting adventure. And truly, the trek to Everest base camp doesn’t disappoint the trekkers. Its awesomeness is simply magical that every trekker gets enchanted with.

Not only the walking adventure but also the view of the mountains is magical. In addition to the walking adventure and the fascinating mountains, you will get to know the Sherpa lifestyle too. The Sherpa people live in the villages in the region along the trail. Their popularity in mountain climbing is unparalleled.

The trek to Everest base camp offers trekkers the experience of beautiful nature and spectacular mountain views. You will also experience Buddhist spiritual tradition, Sherpa cultural riches, and certainly the madness of mountain wilderness.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

One of the famous base camp treks in Nepal, Annapurna Base Camp Trek receives thousands of trekkers every year. This trek goes in the Annapurna region of the Himalayas. It is a beautiful walking adventure through the mountain valley to the sanctuary.

You will enjoy pristine nature, breathtaking mountains, Himalayan stream, rugged yet beautiful landscape, and mountain lifestyle. The walk takes you through beautiful natural surroundings and through a forested trail up towards the Himalayan amphitheater. You will not only enjoy the views of mountains but also some spectacular sunrise over the mountains.

The mountain panorama that you see on the trek is simply breathtaking.

Difference between EBC and ABC Treks

Although both the adventures are incredibly beautiful that go to the mountains, there are certain differences that make them unique.

While talking about the difference, the first and foremost will be the location. Mt. Everest and Mt. Annapurna lie in different ranges of the Himalayas. When you reach Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, for the adventure, you head in two different directions to go to the destinations. You head east to the Everest region whereas you head to the west to go to the Annapurna region.

Talking about the inhabitants of the region, you will experience the Sherpa cultural riches and their lifestyle in Everest whereas you will indulge mostly in the Gurung life and culture in Annapurna.

Annapurna base camp trek doesn’t go as high as the Everest base camp trek. The former goes only to 4,130 meters above sea level whereas the latter goes up to 5,545 meters above sea level. The entire landscape will be different in both regions but they will cast their own unique charm.

Although you will be looking at the Himalayan peaks on both treks, the entire range and the mountain peaks will be different. However, the mountains offer you equally incredible charm no matter where you trek to.

The differences do not necessarily make these two amazing base camp treks in Nepal less attractive from one another. Both treks have their own significant and unique charm that has attracted trekkers in the region for a long time now. But we hope this post will help you to set some expectations in the regions when you trek there.

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