Cultural Tour in Nepal

There are various ways to get around Nepal while you are here

Nepal is a small Himalayan country located in between the two giant countries in South Asia—India and China. Though a geographically small country, Nepal is rich in terms of cultural and natural beauty.

Because of the great natural beauty and the countless number of trekking and hiking sites, Tour in Nepal is one of the major tourism destinations across the world for the aspiring adventure seekers.

Tour in Nepal is a popular activity among the international tourists who visit the country for the purpose of trekking and hiking. Nepal tour packages comprises of several activities including trekking, hiking, adventure sport activities like Bunjee jumping, paragliding and also the cultural tours visiting several important monuments of cultural and historical significance. While trekking and hiking are the more popular activities for tour in Nepal, other cultural and adventure activities are also equally popular both among the national and international tourists.

Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal

Lumbini Buddhist Tour is one of the most popular activities in the Tour in Nepal as the Buddhist Tour takes the tourists to Lumbini, more popularly known as the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha situated in the Rupandehi district of Western Nepal. Lumbini Buddhist Tour provides a wonderful opportunity to visit Buddha’s birth place and also learn more about the propounder of Buddhism.

Likewise, Chitwan Jungle Safari provides yet another opportunity to enjoy the natural landscapes, flora and fauna present at the Chitwan National Park, oldest National Park of Nepal. The Jungle Safari riding either on the back of elephant or on a jeep is a fun filled activity which attracts thousands of people every year. Bunjee Jumping over the river of Bhote Koshi, situated nearby the capital city of Kathmandu, is one of the most thrilling adventure activities available in Nepal. The experience of free fall from a distance of around 160 meters into the wild Bhote Koshi River is certainly a lifetime experience of adventure.

Mountain Flight is also an important part of tours in Nepal as mountain flight in Nepal makes it possible for you to fly past the gigantic mountains including Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak. You will be able to see the mountains and observe the scenic mountain views from the aircraft, and it might also serve as a replacement if you have not been able to go for expedition.

All in all, Tour in Nepal is a wonderful combination of cultural, natural sightseeing tour and the also the adventure activities which promises to keep you thrilled and entertained.