Climbing Adventure to the Island Peak in Everest Region

Mount Everest

One of the most popular climbing peaks in Nepal, Island Peak stands impressively amidst other mountains in the Everest region. The mountain peak that stands at the elevation of 6,189 meters above sea level is an incredibly beautiful peak. Originally the Imja Tse peak is referred to as Island Peak for its situation amidst the magnificent mountains. A climbing adventure to the Island Peak is certainly a wonderful trip in the Everest region.

A lot of people head towards the Everest for the climbing adventure to the Island Peak. Most of the climbers combine the climbing with wonderful trekking to the Everest base camp. Adding the trekking to the base camp of Everest brings a different charm in the Island Peak Climbing adventure.

Here, we have tried to give you an idea of how the climbing adventure to the Island Peak is carried out.

Trek to the Everest Base Camp

As the first part of the Island Peak climbing, the adventure takes you normally to the Everest base camp. You follow the regular Everest base camp trekking route along with other fellow trekkers. Like other trekkers to the base camp, you can also enjoy the magnificence of the base camp and Kalapatthar.

You will follow the regular acclimatization days along the trail and eventually reach the base of the highest mountain on earth.

Trek to Chhukung via Kongma La

After exploring and enjoying the magnificence of Everest base camp and Kalapatthar, you will trek to Chhukung on the second part of the adventure. The trek to Chhukung takes you over a high mountain pass of Kongma La. This pass is also the third pass to trek over during Everest Three High Passes Trek.

Once you reach Chhukung, the logistic arrangement for the climbing takes place. The climbing team sorts out the necessary equipment for the actual climbing adventure due to start in a couple of days.

Camp at the Island Peak Base Camp

After sorting out the equipment for climbing, you trek to the Island Peak Base Camp and prepare for the actual climbing adventure. A nice acclimatization is necessary before setting off on the climbing part of the trip.

You can just walk around the base camp and adjust yourself in the atmosphere.

The Actual Climbing

After a good preparation and orientation on climbing, you get ready for the actual climb in the mountain. You will need to start really early in the morning, actually right past midnight. The aim is to reach the top of the Island Peak early in the morning before it gets heavily windy. You will keep your effort and spirit high as you move forward towards the top.

The first part of the climb takes you through a huge boulder-strewn part in the mountain and slowly you enter the snowy region. You will need rope and ladder to cross some of the parts in the mountain. And knowledge of climbing skills is an absolute advantage. The climbing adventure eventually takes you to the top of the mountain through a narrow snow-covered ridge. The view you see from the top is actually breathtaking.

After the successful climb to the top of the mountain, you will descend all the way to the base camp.


Climbing Adventure to the Island Peak mission accomplished!

Yes, you have finished the climb. You have reached to the top of a 6,000-meter mountain go the Everest region. What can be more beautiful experience than this? It is certainly an absolute joy of climbing to the top of the Island Peak.

You will now start trekking back towards Lukla via Namche bazar.


Some people go for the climbing adventure to the Island Peak without trekking to the Everest base camp. This peak is also climbed by the climbers to the Mt. Everest as part of their acclimatization climb.  In fact, Island Peak is certainly one of the most beautiful and popular climbing adventures in the Himalayas in Nepal.

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