How to choose a Trekking Adventure in Nepal

How to choose trekking adventure in Nepal

You already know that there are many trekking adventures in the mountains of Nepal. And you want to go on one of those adventures. But you have no idea which one to go for and how to choose the one. Here are a few factors that will answer your questions on how to choose a trekking adventure in Nepal.

You may be overwhelmed by some big names of the adventures like Everest Base Camp Trek or Annapurna Circuit Trek. But you should definitely figure out whether those adventures are for you. If you consider some important factors while choosing the perfect trip for you, you will certainly love the adventure. Consider the following factors while choosing a trekking adventure that suits you.


Time availability

One of the important factors to decide about how to choose a trekking adventure in Nepal is the availability of your time. Once you decide the number of available days you have, you can look for the adventures.  Look for the adventures with less number of days than your available time. That way, you will have a couple of extra days to take the adventure at a leisurely pace.

Trekking adventures in Nepal go up to months. You need to look for an adventure that fits within your time availability.


Your fitness and difficulty level of trek

There is no doubt that you need to be on a good level of fitness to trek in the mountains of Nepal. The trekking trips in the Himalayas have various level of difficulty. From easy to extremely difficult, you should figure out which one suits your fitness level. Although you can work on improving your fitness level to go on an adventure trek, choosing the right one is really important.

If you choose the right trip, you can enjoy the adventure. Otherwise, it can be a tough experience. While you trek in the mountains in Nepal, you need to walk up and down the mountains frequently. Even a near looking destination takes hours to reach due to the winding trail and mountain folds along the path.

Mt. Ama Dablam and Mt. Everest

Check your budget

The budget you have for the trip certainly plays a huge role in determining the trekking adventure. As the days vary from trek to trek, the cost also varies. Different trekking regions charge different trekking permit charge. In addition to the permit cost, you need to pay for food, accommodation, guide, porter, etc. If you want to trek to Upper Mustang, you need to pay USD 500 only for the trekking permit for 10 days. And each additional day costs USD 50 per person per day.

So, determine your budget for the trip first and look for the one that fits within your budget.

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Set your expectation

Before deciding a trekking trip, have a clear idea of what you want and what you will be looking at. The trekking areas in the Himalaya offer different landscapes, views, and surroundings. You can research more on what you will be expecting on the treks. There are plenty of resources online to do your research. But best of all is to speak to an expert. Trekking organizers in Nepal are the best people to talk to on the topic.

Once you know what you can expect from the trip, you can decide on the adventure.


Talk to the experts and the people you know who have already done the trip

It is the best idea to get more authentic information about the trekking adventure that you want to go to. You need to look for the expert trekking organizers and talk to them about the trip you want to go to. You can share your interest and requirement so that they know exactly what fits you.

Another idea is to take suggestion from the people you know who have already been on the trip. If you do not know anyone who has been on a trekking adventure in Nepal before, you can certainly stick to the first option.


If you consider these things, you can land a perfect trekking adventure for you and enjoy the trip. We hope you have got answers to your questions on how to choose a trekking adventure in Nepal.

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