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What is Yoga Trekking in Nepal like?

What is yoga trekking in Nepal like? If you are searching for an answer to the questions, this post is the answer. Yoga Trekking in Nepal is a spiritual adventure journey to the magnificent Himalayas of Nepal.

Is wellness travel the way you want to experience the adventures of traveling? Yoga Trekking in Nepal is also one of the amazing wellness travel options. As a trend of yoga travel around the world, yoga trekking gives you an amazing experience of mountains, nature, walking, and enjoying the journey that takes you closer to your inner self. Yes, the yoga trekking journey is certainly a trip that you should go on at least once in your lifetime.

What is Yoga Trekking in Nepal like?

As the name suggests, this adventure journey is a combination of two – yoga and trekking. Both adventures are amazing ways to explore the inner self and the outer world, combination of these two makes a wonderful experience. This kind of trip allocates time to deepen your yoga practice every day in addition to walking the trail.

Although the challenging level of the trek may vary, you will challenge yourself by deepening of yoga practice. These trips are not only about trekking and practicing yoga but also about knowing yourself closely. The trekkers on the trips practice yoga under the guidance and supervision of a yoga expert and a trekking guide leads the trip. Sometimes a yoga teacher him/herself can be the guide as well.

Although it is not a proper yoga learning class, you will learn a great deal about yoga. Yoga in addition to trekking makes this adventure a truly wonderful one. You will explore the amazing outer world of the mountains as well as your own inner self. Additionally, the adventures bring beautiful nature and wonderful views along the journey. A trip like Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek or Annapurna Base Camp Yoga Trek will blow your mind away.

Who can go on the adventure?

If you are fit enough to walk multiple days in the mountains and possess an enthusiasm for yoga, you are the right person to go on the trip. Regardless of age, sex, faith, and nationality as long as you are fit enough, yoga trekking in Nepal is for you. Trekking adventures in Nepal go high in the mountains, up and down the trail, for several days of varying numbers. You have to have a better level of fitness the higher you go on the trek. And going for early morning yoga in high elevation is another challenging charm of the trip. Prepare yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally and the adventure is for you.

You do not necessarily have to be a yoga pro to go on these adventures. Your interest in yoga and excitement for the trip in addition to good physical fitness is enough. Even if you are a yoga novice with a willingness to learn yoga, you can enjoy and experience adventures.

If you want to go on a short trek with yoga, check out Mardi Himal Yoga Trek.

Although traveling to Nepal in itself is an adventure worth taking, yoga trekking in Nepal will make it an even better experience. Be it a long yoga trekking trip or just a short yoga hike or a yoga tour around the country, you will experience the awesomeness of the trip at its best.

Should you want to go on a yoga trip to Nepal, write to us to talk about the trip in detail.

Yoga Trekking Adventure to Mardi Himal: A Yoga Teacher’s Account of the Journey

As a yoga teacher and also a professional working in the Nepali tourism sector, I get opportunities to work with yogis from around the world. I travel around Nepal and I also get to trek to the magnificence of the mountains as a yoga teacher/leader. Every time I do it, I love and enjoy it as if it’s my very first time. Here is an account of my yoga trekking adventure to Mardi Himal.

Leading yogis on a trek to the Mardi Himal region is definitely an awesome experience that I recently had. I was leading an awesome group on the Mardi Himal Yoga Trek as their yoga teacher. As I met them on the first day, I could see their excitement, about going to the mountains and doing yoga there. They were as excited as any other traveler to the mountains. The truth is that Nepalese mountain magnificence is ever and equally exciting to first-timers and repeat visitors. So the excitement of the group was my fuel to go for an awesome trip to the mountains.

Great Day but Disappointing Weather

The next day, when we started the trek, it was an uphill trail step through a beautiful lush forest only to emerge at a beautiful village for a cultural walking experience. We were expecting some spectacular Himalayan views from Dhampus but the mountains chose to hide behind clouds. So, not much luck for the mountains. But the walk through villages with green surroundings and the lush forest was definitely the day maker. We reached a beautiful place called Pitam Deurali to spend our overnight. This was the first mountain stopover on our yoga trekking adventure to Mardi Himal.

Pitam Deurali again could have provided us with a magnificent view but a little bad weather kept us from it. We were having a lovely yoga session on the rooftop of the teahouse we were staying in and lo, and it started raining to make us rush down leaving our practice incomplete! What great timing!

It rained throughout the night and gave us hope for clear weather the next morning. But all we could see was a brief glimpse of Annapurna South and it was cloudy again. We did our yoga on the verandah as the rooftop was all wet.

Our walk for the day was all through a lush forest of rhododendron and several other trees. The destination for the day was Rest Camp where we enjoyed another session of verandah yoga in the evening. Post-dinner time at the dining hall of the tea house was purely musical. Singing, dancing, and laughing joined by another group too were good enough to prepare us to sleep at the elevation of 2,600 meters above sea level.

Sky cleared up and we saw the mountains

The next morning was a spectacular one as Mt. Fishtail and Mardi Himal were standing tall right in front of us. Our morning yoga session was all on my feet. We did not use our yoga mat. Instead, to enjoy the view, we did some standing yoga postures after good subtle and dynamic warm-up stretching. And we headed towards Badal Danda for an overnight stay. But along the way, when we reached Low Camp, the group started discussing the possibility of trekking to High Camp instead of staying at Badal Danda.

After a discussion for a while about the possibility of skipping Badal Danda camp, we finally decided to trek to the High Camp to stay overnight. We made a contact at a tea house at High Camp to ask if rooms are available for the day and the owner said he would try to manage but we still had a suspicion about our accommodation arrangements at the High Camp. Anyway, we were trekking to High Camp to stay overnight.

Thankfully, when we reached the High Camp, they had two rooms for the guests and we had to adjust in the dining hall. That was perfectly fine for us as our guests got rooms to sleep but when the owner told us that he had to request a group of Nepalese, who were already staying in those rooms, to move to the dining hall, we felt a bit bad. But it was such a nice group of Nepalese youngsters that they agreed to move to the dining hall to accommodate our guests. We could not have been more thankful to them.

Early Morning Hike to the Mardi Himal Base Camp

The next morning was early morning to hike to the Mardi Himal base camp. We started the adventure at 04:30 in the morning with flashlights and marched ahead towards the Base camp aiming for the sunrise from View Point. As we traversed the narrow trail up the grassy hill, the dawn slowly started breaking and the Mt. Fishtail ridge was visible. We could see the colorful sky over the mountain ridge as the sign of sun hues broke the darkness. Almost halfway through to the View Point, we were suddenly exposed to the majestic view of Annapurna South, Annapurna I, and Hiunchuli that kept accompanying us throughout. We reached the viewpoint just a few minutes after the sun came into full exposure.

It was such an overwhelming moment to be at View Point to enjoy breathtaking views of the snowcapped mountains. After a wonderful time at View Point, another spectacular part was hiking to the Mardi Himal Base Camp to be at the elevation of 4,500 meters above sea level.

Simply the stunning point to be on earth, Mardi Himal Base Camp boasts a fascinating view of gigantic mountains and an unforgettable experience. We enjoyed the moment of being there to the fullest before heading back down to High Camp and further down to Low Camp for an overnight stay. We had another reinvigorating yoga session at Low Camp on a foggy afternoon.

The early morning view the next day was yet another spectacular one of Mt. Fishtail with sunrise. And of course, we did a refreshing morning yoga session. It was our last day of the trekking part and we traversed the downhill trail through the forest to Sidding to have our lunch.

Four-wheel Drive Experience

Later, an adventurous four-wheel drive was awaiting us. The jeep ride back to Pokhara was probably the most adventurous part of the journey. As the jeep would wheeze past the narrow jeep track, we could feel all the bumps but the view of the surroundings made it easier for us to divert our attention from the bump and the adventure. We could see beautiful waterfalls, villages, village life, and greenery around. Eventually, we reached Pokhara to bring the trekking part to an end.

The yoga trekking adventure to Mardi Himal this time was an experience with a foggy forest walk and an overwhelming final, highlight day view on the hike to the base camp. The slight disappointment due to bad weather for the first few days was all gone on the Base Camp hiking day when the mountains were all in their full exposure in front of us.  It was such a memorable trip to cherish.

Let us know if you want to know more about a trekking adventure to Mardi Himal.

Yoga Trekking Adventure in Nepal in 2022/2023

Thinking to go on a wonderful trekking holiday this year or next? You can take your adventure experience to a next level with an addition of yoga practice to the trekking adventure. Since travel has started becoming easier again, you must have thought about the places you want to visit in 2022/2023. Have you given a thought about going on a yoga trekking adventure in Nepal in 2022/2023?

Does this kind of adventure appeal to you? Yoga trekking adventure! Yes. This awesome adventure in the mountains of Nepal offers a wonderful holiday experience. The spectacular Himalayan range offers a perfect atmosphere to deepen your yoga practice and trek along the region.

Yoga trekking adventure in Nepal in 2022/2023 can be your best adventure travel experience.

Which area to go for a yoga trekking adventure in Nepal in 2022/2023?

The mountains of Nepal have the charm to lure any traveler to feel spiritual from the depth. It doesn’t matter where you want to go, but the important thing is whether you want to go.

If you want to go for an adventure, all the trekking areas in the mountains of Nepal bear a perfect atmosphere for yoga practice as you trek along the mountains.

Even the high-altitude trekking adventures, like our Everest Base Camp Yoga Trek, can incorporate yoga and meditation. Practicing yoga and meditation in high-altitude trekking adventures can be highly helpful in acclimatizing and preparing the body and mind for the walking adventure.

Yoga trekking adventure in Nepal is surely a perfect way to add more awesome experiences to your life.
Don’t want to trek too high? Don’t worry; we are a country of diversity and can accommodate the diverse nature and desires of people.

You can go on the yoga trek like our Annapurna Base Camp Yoga Trek which takes you only up to 4,130 meters above sea level. If you don’t mind going up to 4,500 meters above sea level for a breathtaking view of the mountain panorama, you will find the like of our Mardi Himal Yoga Trek to be the perfect one.

But, if you think, these are too high and want to stay only around 2000 meters, you can do so. We can create a custom yoga trekking adventure that suits you perfectly. You just need to let us know.

Why yoga trek in Nepal?

Yoga trekking adventures are awesome ways to connect to nature and most importantly to your own inner self. If you want to love anything the most in your life, it is your own inner self.

We are not saying that you have not recognized your inner self but these adventures, believe us, will be helpful in building that bond even stronger.

And most importantly, if not anything, you will have one of the most awesome adventure holidays that you have ever taken in your life. That is for sure. You will have wonderful experiences and stories to share and cherish in your life.

So, what are you thinking? Do you want to go on a Yoga Trekking Adventure in Nepal in 2022/2023? With our past experiences, we can tell you that you will love it.

If you want to know more about the trips, let us know here.

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