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Manaslu Region Trekking Tips

A growing hiking destination in Nepal’s highlands is the Manaslu region. Adventure trekkers have recently become more interested in the expansive terrain of Mt. Manaslu (8,156m), the eighth-highest mountain in the world. Trekking in Manaslu is a fantastic alternative to trekking in the nearby Annapurna region and this blog is about Manaslu region trekking tips. Even though hikers have already begun exploring the Manaslu region, there are still many wonders to discover and it is still serene and less traveled.

There are undoubtedly a lot of things you should know before going there because it is a relatively new, underexplored, and restricted inaccessible location. The necessary details concerning trekking in the Manaslu region are included in this post that we have produced. Please read the entire post.

Manaslu Region Trekking Tips

Difficulty Level

Trekking in the isolated Manaslu region is an adventure in a mountainous setting. Depending on the journey you are on, the region’s trekking adventure is graded. Trekking in the area should be between moderate and tough in difficulty.

Although the walk begins in a lower river valley, it soon ascends into distant highlands with challenging terrain. The trip involves trekking through the wilderness in the mountains and high heights. You will feel the excitement of adventure whether you choose to take the Manaslu Circuit Trek, the Tsum Valley Trek, or any walking excursion in the area.

Region’s Cultural Situation and Geographical Terrain

Manaslu region trekking brings you across two distinct topographies: a river valley and high mountain environs. The hike starts at a lower elevation and ascends along a river valley as it approaches a higher elevation. You gradually go into high mountainous terrain with surrounding snow-capped mountains as you gain altitude.

The high mountains in the area offer distinctive and prehistoric cultural wonders, whilst the lower river valley trek gives general middle-hill cultural traditions. The distinction between the lower and higher portions of the hikes will be obvious. Tibetan Buddhism has a greater impact on high mountain life, and it also shapes the local way of life.

Permits and Charges for Hiking in the Manaslu Area

The Department of Immigration must issue trekking permits to all international hikers traveling to the Manaslu region. You will only receive a group trekking permit because it is a controlled area hike. The region’s hiking permit will not be available to lone hikers.

The following is the cost of a controlled area trekking permit for the Manaslu region.

Name of the Region

Trekking Permit Fees
Manaslu Area From September to November US$ 70 per week per person and after 7 days US$ 10 per day per person or equivalent convertible foreign currency. From December to August US$ 50 per week per person and after 7 days US$ 7 per day per person or equivalent convertible foreign currency.
Tsum Valley From September to November, per person is US$ 35 for the first 8 days, and from December to August per person is US$ 25 for the first 8 days or equivalent convertible foreign currency


Accommodation and Meals during the Trek

Trekking in the Manaslu region provides basic accommodation at tea houses during the trek. There are teahouses for overnight stays, but camping trekking is also an attractive option. Since this is a remote and mountainous area, accommodation will be fairly basic. Bringing a nice sleeping bag for trekking is certainly a wise idea in trekking.

Dal bhat, Nepal’s staple food, is served on most treks. However, there are other options such as momos and pasta. A remote trekking adventure with simple meals and accommodation is definitely an experience. The luxury of spectacular mountain views and beautiful surroundings can make up for the lack of accommodation and dining options.

Guided and Group Treks

Individual trekking is not allowed in Manaslu as the area is a managed trekking area. All trekking adventures in Manaslu have guided treks with certified trekking guides. Having trekked through the area several times, our guides have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the remote mountain wilderness.

All the trekking guides who trek to Manaslu have hiked the area several times. They are experienced and certified professionals who primarily care about the safety of trekkers.

When to trek in Manaslu?

The best times for trekking adventures in the Manaslu region are March to May and September to mid-December each year. Apart from that, monsoon and winter seasons are not suitable for trekking in this area.

Travel Insurance for Trekking

We recommend that you take out travel insurance to cover emergency medical evacuation. You can choose any insurance, but make sure it covers the amount of your trek. The highest elevation reached on the hike is 5,160 meters above sea level.

For more information on trekking adventures in the Manaslu region, visit Manaslu Trekking Packages.

Tsum Valley Trekking: A Remote Cultural Adventure in Manaslu

As trekking in Manaslu becomes a popular activity day by day, more and more cultural riches have been exposed to the world. One of such hidden gems in the region is Tsum valley. Tsum Valley Trekking adventure introduces you to the beautiful culture and unique lifestyle of people in the region.

While trekking in the Manaslu region is a unique adventure, Tsum Valley Trek is an even more wonderful adventure. It is wonderful in many aspects of culture, nature, and experience.

Tsum Valley Trekking: A Remote Cultural Adventure in Manaslu

The Manaslu region has several hidden treasures, which will leave you awestruck. While you trek in Manaslu, Tsum valley is the region you must visit. It is a beautiful valley in the Manaslu region, which has unique cultural practices. In addition to beautiful culture, you can also enjoy beautiful nature and mountain views in the region.

Here are some factors that make Tsum valley trekking a wonderful adventure in Manaslu.

Unique and Remote Mountain Culture

Tsum is a valley that has many beautiful villages that practice unique cultural wonders. The timelessness of Tsum’s culture is something that will amaze you during the trek. You explore those remote mountain cultures and the unique lifestyle of the people of Tsum valley. From exploring the local villages to monasteries and caves, you will indulge in several cultural experiences.

The views of its beautiful surroundings make the adventure in the region even more wonderful. You will be speechless to be in such a remote region with such beautiful cultural riches and an innocent lifestyle.

An Incredible Trekking Experience

Although it is a remote area trekking, it does not take you much high in altitude compared to many other adventures in the Himalayas. As a remote area trek, Tsum is visited by fewer people and, thus, remains a less-explored region. With only a few people trekking, you can enjoy a peaceful trekking experience in the region.

The serenity of the region makes your trekking adventure an incredibly beautiful experience. If you love exploring the mountains that maintain the beauty of quietness, Tsum is the place you should be. It certainly gives you an experience that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Continuation of Trek to Manaslu Circuit

While you are on a trekking adventure to Tsum, you can always continue the trek towards Manaslu Circuit Trek. Although both the treks go in the same region, they are separate and individual adventures. But once you complete the Tsum valley trek, you can trek further towards Larkya pass to do the Manaslu circuit.

Your trek to Tsum becomes even more lively if you combine it with the Manaslu circuit trek instead of returning back. When you combine Tsum valley with the Manaslu circuit trek, you can experience the ultimate adventure of the Manaslu region.

If you want to learn more about Tsum Valley Trekking, feel free to reach out to us.

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