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Popular Peak Climbing Adventures in the Everest Region

Climbing is one of the popular adventure activities in Nepal. There are several beautiful Himalayan peaks that offer an incredible climbing experience. The climbing peaks are generally the 6,000-meter peaks which have less technical challenges than the higher expedition peaks. This article is about popular peak climbing adventures in the Everest region and talks about two major peaks to go for the adventure.

The mountain peaks that we are talking about here in this article offer some of the most beautiful climbing experiences in the Everest region. These peaks are also popular as trekking peaks since you trek throughout and you do not need high technical skills to reach the summit.  These peaks are only a day trek and climb up from the base camp or high camp and do not involve many technicalities.

Popular Peak Climbing Adventures in the Everest Region

Here we talk about these amazing mountain peaks in the Everest region which can be your next climbing adventure. You should definitely consider

Island Peak Climbing Adventure

Island Peak Climbing Adventure is one of the most popular Peak Climbing Adventures in the Everest region. It takes you to the top of the beautiful Island Peak which is originally popular as Imja Tse.

The peak is 6,189 meters tall and is one of the iconic peaks in the Khumbu region. The adventure is a combination of trekking through the beautiful trail and climbing the mountain peak. You reach the summit of the peak after several days of trekking through the mountains. Although it is a climbing adventure, the peak is also famous as a trekking peak.


Island Peak is a beautiful mountain that stands amidst other vast mountains in the Everest region. The actual name of the peak is Imja Tse but it is more popular as Island Peak because of its presence as an island in the vast ocean of ice. The mountain is 6,189 meters tall and attracts many climbers every year.

Going on Island Peak Climbing Adventure

Island Peak Climbing Adventure is an amazing combination of two adventures – trekking and climbing. The adventure starts with trekking to Everest Base Camp and later to the Island peak for climbing.

Trekking to Everest base camp will help you acclimatize better for the climbing adventure though.

Accommodation during the Adventure

The adventure goes on the route to the base camp of Mt. Everest and there are many good accommodations along the trail. You will stay in one of the guesthouses along the trail and in a tented camp at the Island Peak Base Camp.

Climbing Duration

It is a short climbing adventure. The actual climbing to the summit of the peak is of just a day. You can do it just in a day from the base camp. The climbing adventure starts early in the morning and takes you towards the summit and back to the base camp on the same day.

Difficulty Level of the Adventure

Although it’s a climbing adventure, it doesn’t involve highly technical mountaineering skills. People without previous climbing experience but with strong determination can go for the adventure. It is a suitable mountain peak to climb for all – from novice to seasoned climbers.

Popular Peak Climbing Adventures in the Everest Region

Mera Peak Climbing – One of the Popular Peak Climbing Adventures in the Everest Region

The beautiful Mera Peak is another popular mountain that climbers choose to go to. This mountain is also in the Everest region but you do not need to trek to the base camp of the Everest. While you are on this climbing adventure, you will fly to Lukla and take the route towards Hingku Valley.

Climbing this 6,476-meter-high mountain in the Himalayas is an absolutely beautiful adventure. Although it is a challenging adventure, you do not need to be a highly experienced climber to summit this mountain. Your enthusiasm to enjoy the climb and some climbing training will help you to reach the top of the peak.

Highlights of the Mera Peak Climbing Adventure

One of the popular peak climbing adventures in the Everest region, the climbing trip to Mera Peak brings you several amazing things to enjoy.  Here are some of the highlights of the Mera Peak Climbing Adventure.

  • Mera Peak Summit (6,461m)
  • Multiple days camping trek
  • Incredible Himalayan panorama
  • Breathtaking view of 8000-meter mountains
  • Peaceful adventure time out amongst the Himalayas
  • Cultural Heritage Sightseeing Tour of Kathmandu


How long is the Adventure?

The climbing adventure to Mera Peak is an organized adventure at the Adventure Himalaya Circuit Trekking. We take care of you from your arrival to departure when you travel with us. Our Mera Peak Climbing Adventure is nineteen days in total from your arrival in Kathmandu to the departure day.

Difficulty Level of the Adventure

Like the Island Peak, Mera Peak is also a famous trekking peak. Although it’s a climbing adventure, you do not require any prior climbing experience or any technical expertise. People without previous climbing experience but with strong determination can go for the adventure. You can go for this adventure regardless of your experience level.

Should you go on the adventure?

Mera Peak Climbing Adventure offers you a lifetime experience of climbing a mountain that is also famous as a trekking peak in Nepal. If you love spending time in the mountains and exploring the beautiful wilderness, this is the trip you should go.

As the trip involves trekking and climbing, you will get to experience both adventures at a go. Although it is a climbing adventure, it will not involve any extremely challenging mountaineering skills unlike in the bigger mountains.

You can also check out this amazing Lobuche Peak Climbing Adventure in the region.


If you are looking for a climbing adventure experience any time soon, you can definitely take these adventures as your options. You will certainly have a fabulous adventure holiday experience.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about climbing adventures in Nepal.


Some Interesting Peak Climbing Facts in Nepal

The beautiful mountains in the Himalayas in Nepal are the destination of climbing enthusiasts from around the world. Nepal has mountains that offer amazing climbing adventures to novice and seasoned climbers equally. From 6000-meter mountains to 8000-meter mountains, Nepali Himalaya is the home to magnificent mountain peaks. Here, in this article, we are going to talk about some interesting peak climbing facts in the Nepali Himalayas.

Climbing mountains in Nepal have two different categories – first, climbing 6000-meter mountains, which are basically popular as trekking peaks, and second, climbing mountains which are 7000-meter and above as expedition peaks. In an even more common language, people call it Peak Climbing and Mountain Climbing although you climb mountains in both activities.

Some Interesting Peak Climbing Facts in Nepal

When we are talking about the facts of peak climbing, we are talking about climbing activity in general irrespective of the size of the mountains. Let’s have a look at those facts.

It involves Trekking

When we say peak climbing, it is not only about climbing the mountains but also about trekking through beautiful trails. Before reaching the base camp of the mountain to climb, you will need to walk for several days in the mountains. Whether you go for Island Peak Climbing in the Everest region or Pisang Peak Climbing in the Annapurna region, you need to trek.

Trekking is an essential part of climbing adventure as it helps you to adjust and acclimatize to the increasing altitudes of the mountains. Going straight to the higher altitudes of mountains can cause serious health problems.

You need to walk through the mountains and take time to absorb the beauty of the surroundings as the body adjusts to the elevation. As you trek in the mountains, the weather changes as the elevation increases. And it is essential to get our bodies used to the new and constantly changing climate.

Some Mountains are called Trekking Peaks

You will not believe to know one of the peak climbing facts that there are some beautiful mountains that are commonly popular as trekking peaks. Although you go for climbing adventures in those mountains, the peaks are called trekking peaks. The trekking peaks are basically the mountains that are 6000-meter high.

Climbing these mountains is technically easier compared to higher mountains. These trekking peaks are ideal destinations to begin your climbing journey. It involves only a day of effort to reach the summit from the base camp and return back. Most of the part of these adventures involves trekking.

Trekking peaks are just a few days of extension of the trekking adventures. If you are a beginner at climbing adventure, you can begin with these peaks while seasoned climbers can climb these peaks as an acclimatization trip before a bigger expedition.

Multi-day Climbing Adventure of Expedition Mountains

The most incredible and gigantic mountains in the Himalayas offer incredible expedition experiences. The 8000-meter mountains are the most impressive expedition mountains which require you to spend multiple days in the mountains to acclimatize and climb the mountains.

These mountains are technically tough mountains to climb and need previous climbing experience. The climbing adventures like Everest Expedition, Manalsu Expedition, etc. are the expedition mountains.

One of the Main Mountain Adventure Activities in Nepal

One of the most interesting peak climbing facts is that mountain climbing is certainly the main activity in Nepal. Although the trekkers outnumber the climbers in the Himalayas, climbing still remains a major adventure activity.

Peak climbing and mountain climbing collectively attract a huge number of adventure enthusiasts every year to the Himalayas in Nepal.

While climbing is a major adventure activity, it is an equally challenging thing to indulge too. From organizing to execution, every step requires the careful execution of plans to make the adventure a success. We, at Adventure Himalaya Circuit, organize peak climbing adventures and offer you a safe and wonderful climbing experience.

Let us know if you want to know more about peak climbing facts in Nepal.

Top Three Peak Climbing adventures in Nepal

When it comes to adventure tourism activities in Nepal, we cannot forget peak climbing trips. The majestic mountain peaks in the Himalayas offer an amazing adventure experience of climbing. When we talk about climbing mountain peaks, we are talking about some 6,000-meter peaks which are less challenging than the expedition peaks. This article gives you some information about the top three peak climbing adventures in Nepal.

The Himalayan range in Nepal has many mountains that tower above 6,000 meters, and some of those mountains are climbing peaks. In the Nepali adventure tourism industry, these peaks are popular as trekking peaks. These peaks are only a day trek and climb up from the base camp or high camp and do not involve many technicalities. Of many beautiful peaks that offer climbing adventure, we are writing about the top three here.

Top Three Peak Climbing adventures in Nepal

Let’s take a look at these amazing mountain peaks in the Himalayas which can be your next adventure.

Island Peak Climbing

Island Peak is one of the most popular peak climbing adventures in the Himalayas. The Island Peak Climbing adventure takes you to the summit of the 6,189-meter peak, which is originally known as Imja Tse.

While you are on this peak climbing adventure, you will also trek to the Everest base camp as an acclimatization trip. Although trekking to the base camp is not an absolute necessity while on this climbing trip, we recommend you to include it. You will also get to experience the most popular trekking adventure in the Himalayas.

For many reasons, Island Peak is not only the famous peak in the Everest region but also in the entire Himalayas. It certainly deserves to be one of the top three peak climbing adventures in Nepal.

Mera Peak Climbing

The beautiful Mera peak is another popular mountain that climbers choose to go to. This mountain is also in the Everest region but you do not need to trek to the base camp of Mt. Everest. While you are on this climbing adventure, you will fly to Lukla and take the route toward Hingku valley.

Climbing this 6,476-meter high mountain in the Himalayas is an absolutely beautiful adventure. Although it is a challenging adventure, you do not need to be a highly experienced climber to summit this mountain. Your enthusiasm to enjoy the climb and some climbing training will help you to reach the top of the peak.

Pisang Peak

Although there is another popular peak in the Everest region, Lobuche Peak, we want to talk about a beautiful peak in the Annapurna region in this list. The Pisang Peak Climbing adventure is a thrilling climb of the 6,091-meter high mountain in the Annapurna region.

To go on the climbing adventure of the peak, you follow the Annapurna Circuit Trekking trail initially. Later, you take the route towards Pisang Peak from the village called Pisang along the trail. This peak is certainly one of the popular and beautiful mountains for climbing adventures in the Himalayas in Nepal.

Although there are other peaks that offer incredible climbing adventure experiences, we have chosen these three peaks in two different regions. Each climbing adventure has a unique charm and experience to offer.

Do you want to go on any of these top three peak climbing adventures in Nepal? Or any other trekking or climbing trips?

Let us know.

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    The enjoyment that waits during Mardi Himal Trek

    The great thing about living in a digital era is that you can find and have anything anytime, anywhere. It is the same when you decide to select a hiking and trekking organizer. However, as while searching you land upon on various such providers, it becomes challenging to choose the best. We at Adventure Himalayan Circuit Treks & Tours collaborate with the best to offer you a comfortable, safe and exciting Mardi Himal Trek experience.

    Mardi Himal is the New Best Trekking

    We have planned our itinerary over nine days so that you do not have to rush to finish the trek. You will find ample time to acclimatize yourself with the altitude and enjoy the natural beauty as it unfolds itself before you during the trek.

    The varied experience that you can have during Mardi Himal Trek

    It is a trek that you can find on a side trail of the one to Annapurna Base Camp. It is a bit rougher and exciting than other treks. However, the best part is that it is less busy than other treks that you can have in the Annapurna Range. During the trek, you can have the best view of the lesser-known side of the Annapurna Massif.

    The ultimate goal is to reach the Mardi Himal Base Camp at the height of 4,500 meters. There are not many teahouses in this trek; however; above 2100 meters, you can have access to many teahouses. During the trek, you will experience huge elevation change within a short period. The lush nature will amaze you at every step and the peaceful atmosphere will engulf you. It will be a mind-blowing experience to look at Mardi Himal while standing in front of Mt. Fishtail.

    How safe is it to undertake this trek?

    Your safety is of the utmost importance to us. We do not compromise on anything that will undermine your safety. Our guides will always be by your side to ensure that you, at any point, do not feel unsafe or suffer from any discomfort. You can expect from us technical capability, proven safety performance, flawless judgment, friendly approach and ability to provide useful and expert instructions. Moreover, our guides are professionals and well-trained in offering first aid is there is any such requirement.

    When you are with us, you can have help from us in various aspects so that you have a pleasant vacation without any botheration. We take care of ticketing in Nepal and reservations of hotels according to your financial plans.

    We aim to make it possible for you to enjoy and explore comfortably and safely what Nepal has to offer. You will have a touch of cultural experience on any tour that you have with us. Organizing trekking is our speciality and Mardi Himal Trek is one of them.


    The various reasons you ought to endeavor Manaslu Circuit Trek

    There is no doubt that the Manaslu Circuit Trek is the world’s known voyaging and trekking goal. When you are with us at Adventure Himalaya Circuit Treks & Tours Pvt. Ltd. you will have the best opportunities to explore and enjoy that Nepal has in the offer. You will have the best of opportunities to explore all sort of condition for experience trek, visit and other experience exercises you need to understanding and we will not frustrate you in any capacity, regardless of whether you are searching for the short trek, long trek or city visit or even a trek to an off-beaten way.

    The top reasons behind why you ought to endeavor Manaslu Circuit trek 

    Challenging Pass 

    Larke La Pass of the Manaslu locale is one of the difficult passes and it is among the most picked and well-known trekking goals in the Manaslu district. It offers excellent perspectives on the tallest snow-topped mountain, rich social legacy, exceptional Himalayan magnificence, shocking perspectives on the mountain and its excellence, perspectives on the different scenes, and a rich mountain natural decent variety.

    Less bustling trial 

    Even though Manaslu Trek with Tsum Valley is one of the well-known trekking goals in Nepal the path of the trek is less crowded in the correlation with Everest and Annapurna district treks. You will see a fewer number of the trekkers it implies you can appreciate each stroll of your excursion with the serene and appreciate the lovely perspectives on the Himalayan greenery. The disengaged towns that you experience upon the path is likewise excellent. In any case, October is the busiest month of this district, as it is the pinnacle season to trek in Nepal.

    Manaslu Circuit Trek

     Delightful perspectives on the mountain 

    While trekking around the Manaslu you can appreciate the appealing perspectives on the Himalchuli, Manaslu, Annapurna Ranges, Ganesh Himal, and other encompassing snow-topped mountains, excellent varied scenes and diverse Himalayan widely varied vegetation, which makes all your trek with a delightful encounter.

    Best off-beaten trek in Nepal 

    Despite the fact, that Annapurna base camp and the Everest Base Camp Trek are the most famous and packed trek in Nepal, Manaslu circuit trek stands apart among the off beaten preliminaries. While trekking the Manaslu Circuit, you will encounter each walk is extremely brave. This trek is excellently contrasted with all these different treks accessible in the nation because of the very normal magnificence, a wild exploration that gives the best second to assemble the lifetime experience of this delightful trek.

    Explore the remote way of life 

    This trek along with us offers you to appreciate the differing scopes of the accessible biological system, explore the local culture, their convention and the remote way of life of local people, affected by the Tibetan culture and excellent mountain landscape.

    Excellent social experience 

    During the trek to the Manaslu Circuit, all that you experience gives you a similitude of the Tibetan and Buddhist culture. Local people of this area have had the option to safeguard their uniqueness, as the modernization and commercialization have not contacted the purity of the earth. This locale is rich with the extraordinary and a few religious communities where you can even now observe the priests learning the sacred instruction. You can likewise explore the Tsum valley, otherwise called the hidden valley of this area where you can encounter the unadulterated and the original culture of local people.

    We hope to see you with us after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Climbing Adventure to the Island Peak in Everest Region

    One of the most popular climbing peaks in Nepal, Island Peak stands impressively amidst other mountains in the Everest region. The mountain peak that stands at the elevation of 6,189 meters above sea level is an incredibly beautiful peak. Originally the Imja Tse peak is referred to as Island Peak for its situation amidst the magnificent mountains. A climbing adventure to the Island Peak is certainly a wonderful trip in the Everest region.

    A lot of people head towards the Everest for the climbing adventure to the Island Peak. Most of the climbers combine the climbing with wonderful trekking to the Everest base camp. Adding the trekking to the base camp of Everest brings a different charm in the Island Peak Climbing adventure.

    Here, we have tried to give you an idea of how the climbing adventure to the Island Peak is carried out.

    Trek to the Everest Base Camp

    As the first part of the Island Peak climbing, the adventure takes you normally to the Everest base camp. You follow the regular Everest base camp trekking route along with other fellow trekkers. Like other trekkers to the base camp, you can also enjoy the magnificence of the base camp and Kalapatthar.

    You will follow the regular acclimatization days along the trail and eventually reach the base of the highest mountain on earth.

    Trek to Chhukung via Kongma La

    After exploring and enjoying the magnificence of Everest base camp and Kalapatthar, you will trek to Chhukung on the second part of the adventure. The trek to Chhukung takes you over a high mountain pass of Kongma La. This pass is also the third pass to trek over during Everest Three High Passes Trek.

    Once you reach Chhukung, the logistic arrangement for the climbing takes place. The climbing team sorts out the necessary equipment for the actual climbing adventure due to start in a couple of days.

    Camp at the Island Peak Base Camp

    After sorting out the equipment for climbing, you trek to the Island Peak Base Camp and prepare for the actual climbing adventure. A nice acclimatization is necessary before setting off on the climbing part of the trip.

    You can just walk around the base camp and adjust yourself in the atmosphere.

    The Actual Climbing

    After a good preparation and orientation on climbing, you get ready for the actual climb in the mountain. You will need to start really early in the morning, actually right past midnight. The aim is to reach the top of the Island Peak early in the morning before it gets heavily windy. You will keep your effort and spirit high as you move forward towards the top.

    The first part of the climb takes you through a huge boulder-strewn part in the mountain and slowly you enter the snowy region. You will need rope and ladder to cross some of the parts in the mountain. And knowledge of climbing skills is an absolute advantage. The climbing adventure eventually takes you to the top of the mountain through a narrow snow-covered ridge. The view you see from the top is actually breathtaking.

    After the successful climb to the top of the mountain, you will descend all the way to the base camp.


    Climbing Adventure to the Island Peak mission accomplished!

    Yes, you have finished the climb. You have reached to the top of a 6,000-meter mountain go the Everest region. What can be more beautiful experience than this? It is certainly an absolute joy of climbing to the top of the Island Peak.

    You will now start trekking back towards Lukla via Namche bazar.


    Some people go for the climbing adventure to the Island Peak without trekking to the Everest base camp. This peak is also climbed by the climbers to the Mt. Everest as part of their acclimatization climb.  In fact, Island Peak is certainly one of the most beautiful and popular climbing adventures in the Himalayas in Nepal.

    Would you also like to go on a climbing adventure? Email us to know more about the adventure.

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    Langtang Trekking Region – Less Crowded & Beautiful Trek Destination

    Langtang is one of the magnificently beautiful regions of the Himalayas in Nepal. When it comes to the Himalaya, the first image is of enigmatic views of the mountains. And it is an established fact that the mountain region in Nepal is famous for a trekking adventure. Langtang region also offers incredible trekking adventures of various difficulty level and duration.

    The region has wonderful trekking trips that offer one of the best experiences of adventure holiday. While walking through the mountains is an amazing feat, the region also offers an incredible cultural experience. Trekking in Langtang is one of the popular adventure treks in Nepal.

    Here are some of the Langtang trekking adventures.

    Langtang Valley Trek

    Langtang Valley Trek is the most frequented adventure in the region. This adventure takes you deeper and higher into the amazing mountain valley. You will trek up to Kyanjing village and hike either to Kyanjing Ri or to Tserko Ri. The adventure trek brings a beautiful exploration of the mountain surroundings of Langtang valley. You will also exploit the beauty of wonderful cultural riches in the mountains.

    It is not only the walk but also the view and local life that you will love exploring on the trip. People who trek into the valley certainly love the entire experience thus this trek has become one of the popular trekking adventures in Nepal.

    Langtang Gosainkunda Trek

    An adventure that is a combination of two different areas in Langtang, you will explore the awesome nature and spiritual vibes in the adventure. Langtang Gosainkunda Trek is the adventure that goes into the Langtang valley and later to Gosainkunda area. In addition to the wonders of the Langtang valley, this adventure adds fascinating Gosainkunda.

    Mixing culture and spirituality with adventure trekking is certainly an incredible experience. While on this trip, you have the option to trek over a pass, Lauri Binayak pass, and make the trek a little longer. But returning the way back to Dhunche or Syabrubesi from Gosainkunda keeps the trek shorter. Either way, you will explore two beautiful areas of the mountains and enjoy the charm of mountains and a beautiful sacred lake.

    Tamang Heritage Trek

    Tamang Heritage Trek is a pure cultural trekking adventure in the region. As the name suggests, this trip is an exploration of different Tamang settlements. Trekking through the Tamang villages will bring you the chance to learn their cultural wonders.

    The ethnic Tamang community is the inhabitant of the Langtang region. And there is a beautiful trekking adventure that allows you to explore and exploit the amazing cultural traditions. They live a simple yet inspiring lifestyle in their own tradition and belief. With their own unique culture, cultural dress, and language, Tamang people live a beautiful life inspired by faith in tradition and culture. This adventure is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful cultural wonders of the region.

    Helambu Trek

    Helambu Trek is another beautiful trekking adventure that explores the local cultural beauty of the region. This area is where the Sherpa and the Hyolmo community live in. It is a great mix of trekking adventure with cultural immersion. It is also a low elevation trek in the region that brings you unbelievable experience.
    You will get to explore the beautiful villages along the trail in the region while you go for this trekking adventure.

    Langtang Helambu Trek

    If you include Langtang Valley in the adventure, Langtang Helambu Trek becomes the longest trekking adventure in the region. You will explore three different areas in the region, Langtang valley, Gosainkunda, and Helambu. If you want to explore the mountains for a little longer, this trek is one of the options in the Himalaya.

    These beautiful treks make Langtang region an amazing place to go for trekking in.  The beauty of the region has made it one of the most frequented regions by trekkers. Either of the trekking adventures in Langtang has their own charm. If you are planning a trek sooner or later, you can consider one of these trips.

    If you want more information about Langtang adventures, please write to us. We love to share information and also help you organize a beautiful adventure.

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    Top 3 Reason to Travel in Nepal

    Do you want know why to travel in Nepal? Here are top 3 reasons to travel in Nepal.

    Hundreds and thousands of foreigners travel to Nepal every year to spend their holiday and vacation and also to explore the natural beauty of the beautiful Himalayan nation. There might be several reasons for the foreigners to be choosing Nepal as their favored destination.

    The first reason obviously would be for trekking along several sacred and popular destinations in Nepal and the other would be for exploring the cultural beauty of the country.

    Traveling in Nepal might as well be quite confusing as there are many such places that are worth visiting. Hence it is also equally important to know a good and reliable travel agency in Nepal that deals with the travel packages for foreigners and domestic travelers.

    Top 3 Reason to Travel in Nepal

    The top 3 reasons to travel in Nepal are: trekking, peak climbing and cultural tours.

    Adventure Trekking in Nepal

    Trekking is the top reason to travel in Nepal. The Himalayas and its beauty made Nepal the prime reason to visit it.

    The most famous trekking destinations in Nepal are the Everest Base Camp Trekking or in short the Everest trekking.

    Annapurna Trekking and Langtang Trekking are also equally popular in Nepal. Annapurna Trekking is not just popular in Nepal but also the entire world as it has been included in the list of popular and famous trekking destinations in the world.

    Peak Climbing in Nepal

    Peak climbing in Nepal is the second popular reason to travel in Nepal. Besides trekking along some popular trekking trails, Peak Climbing in Nepal is also another reason to visit Nepal.

    Island Peak Climbing, Mera Peak Climbing and Lobuche Peak Climbing are quite popular among the Peak Climbing in Nepal. It provides a wonderful opportunity to explore some of the great Himalayas in Nepal. Trekking and Peak Climbing in Nepal are hence the major attractions for traveling in Nepal.

    Nepal is the ideal destination for the adventurous journey in the Himalayas to climb over the mountains.

    Nepal Tour Holidays

    Visiting Nepal to explore the cultural and heritages sites is another top reason to travel in Nepal. Tour in Nepal is the third popular reasons to travel in Nepal.

    Tour in Nepal and traveling to some of the best known sites in Nepal are of utmost importance for prospective trekkers. Culturally rich Nepal is famous for heritage and historical experiences. Many tourist visit Nepal for pilgrimage tour and sightseeing. Nepal is considered as the holy place among Hindus and Buddhist. Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. Hundreds of temples, and stupas in Nepal are shrine of religious visit.

    Adventure Himalaya Circuit Treks and Tours is one of the best travel agencies that operate from Nepal. The website of the agency provides all the necessary information about the places and sites that one needs to know about when it comes to tour in Nepal. The company is known for its unique services that make it the most popular travel agency in Nepal.

    If you choose Adventure Himalaya Circuit Treks and Tours during your Nepal stay then it is almost sure that you will travel Nepal well and will know quite a lot about the beautiful nation just by travelling and trekking in Nepal.

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