Best Time to do Everest Base Camp Trek

Best Time to do Everest Base Camp Trek

The wonderful Everest region is one of the most popular trekking regions in the Himalayas. However, the weather in the mountains does not remain great all the time. So, good planning about the time to go on a trek is important. We are writing about the best time to do the Everest base camp trek in this article.

Having prior information about the weather condition is crucial in planning a trekking adventure. When you plan to go on Everest Base Camp Trek, it is good to know about the right time to do the trek. Let’s take a look at the times that have the best weather conditions for the trek.

Best Time to do Everest Base Camp Trek

Planning an adventure trip to the highest mountain on earth? If so, you have been reading the right thing about the best seasons to go on the trek. Here are the main seasons in a year when you can experience Everest best.

Spring Season

The Spring season in Nepal is from the month of March to May and it is one of the best times to explore the magnificence of mountains. When it comes to the best time to do Everest base camp trek, the spring season is one of the best.

The months from March to May witness warm and dry days with temperatures gradually going up. It is a perfect weather condition with rising temperature to enjoy the mountains. As the weather condition remains clear throughout the season, you can enjoy the view of the mountains.

Not only the Everest base camp trek but also many other adventures like Gokyo Lake Trek or Everest Panorama Trek feel the best at this time. Nice and pleasant weather condition makes the adventure experience more beautiful. The trails will be full in bloom and green as the spring season progresses.

Autumn Season

The starting of the third week of September starts bringing dry days after the monsoon in Nepal. By the month of October, the weather starts getting pleasant with the warm and clear weather conditions.

The Autumn season serves as the best time to do the Everest base camp trek since it is the most ideal time to witness views of mountains. Starting in September, the season lasts till the end of November when you will be able to witness the best of the mountain views and surroundings.

It certainly feels great to trek in pleasant weather conditions enjoying the clear and beautiful views of the mountains in the Everest region. The region unleashes its best beauty in the autumn season.

Summer Season

The summer months of June, July, and August are rainy months in Nepal and trails get wet and slippery. While it is still possible to trek to the Everest base camp during monsoon time, the views of the mountains can be occasional to rare.

However, you can enjoy the greenery along the trail at its best during the summer months. Trekking in the mountains in the monsoon season is certainly a unique experience to go for in Nepal.

Winter Season

One of the major seasons in Nepal, winter is the least appropriate time to trek in the mountains. As the months of December, January and February are the coldest months, most of the higher altitude trails are covered in snow.

Although it is still possible to traverse the trail to Everest during the winter season, even if not all the way to the base camp, the time may not be the favorite for many. The season brings extreme cold weather with snowfall in the high altitudes and foggy days, it is challenging to do the trek.

These four seasons cover the overall weather condition in Nepal and that determines the flow of people in trekking. From all aspects of favorability, autumn and spring seasons make the best time to do the Everest base camp trek.

Summer and winter seasons, although possible months to trek, have many extreme challenges to face while trekking.
We also recommend you plan your trek in Everest or any other trekking region during the spring or autumn seasons. With the most favorable weather conditions, you can enjoy the trek in its best form.

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