Best season to visit Nepal

It is hard to state that this is an exact season to visit Nepal although Adventure Himalayan Circuit Treks & Tours have come up with certain ideas after a long research and discussing with experts. Generally Nepal is considered with moderate temperature where there exist 4 core seasons. The best part of visitors prioritized mountain as the first visibility but arriving in autumn peak season which is considered from late September to late November where the weather condition is apparent and dry. In this season the weather is just perfect with no cold and neither hot. Talking about rainy season it makes the views more clear as the dust caused by pollution are washed away by it and it helps the trekkers to have lucid vistas. Likewise, visitors who have deep connection with festivals of Nepal get an opportunity to take part in 2 major festivals of Nepal termed as Dashain and Tihar too falls on this season. The only problem is being the best trekking season the trekking phase will be at its crest so it may be an expensive for you.

Winter (December to January) – This season is mostly acknowledged for obvious and steady. It is hardly falls snow in Kathmandu but you can sense the chilly and clammy in the morning. This is an outstanding time to visit the Terai but if you dare to challenge cold you can mount towards mountain as well.

Spring (February to mid-April) – spring is considered as the second tourist season, with warmer weather and extensive days. Here, in this season you can outlook the blossom Rhododendrons in the hills and at the end of this period. It is the finest time for performing wildlife in spite of the rising heat.

Pre-monsoon (mid-April to early June) – It invites additional heat, afternoon clouds, rain showers and extra stomach upsets. The nature of this season is to bring restlessness so being the classic time for accepted unrest and illness it is recommended to trek in the higher altitude where the temperature is tolerable.

Nepal is the magical land for carrying out trekking but one should be aware about the features of climate. So, while getting information on how to visit Nepal you must be careful on Nepal when to visit. Visiting Nepawould be fruitful in case if you land on proper season otherwise there is an equal chance to miss the things which you have dreamed. Adventure Himalaya Circuit Treks & Tours thus would like to illustrate the advantages and disadvantages but there might be visitors who do not have time to follow the strict season trekking so don’t get upset after knowing the fact as we can manage trekking trips which can be carried out in any seasons. Therefore, remember us for Nepal trips in any seasons we will be at your service to make your vacation more precious.