Beautiful Non-heritage Sites in Kathmandu Valley

Beautiful Non-heritage Sites in Kathmandu

When you make a plan to visit Nepal, Kathmandu is the first place you arrive via air. Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, is an ancient city with a lot of wonderful places to explore. From ancient temples to medieval royal palaces, the valley boasts a number of cultural heritage sites to visit. But in addition to the heritage sites, there are some incredibly beautiful non-heritage sites in Kathmandu. These sites are certainly worthy of exploring when you are here in Kathmandu.

Going on a cultural heritage tour while you are in Kathmandu is quite a normal thing. But visiting places that are beautiful non-heritage sites in Kathmandu will bring a different charm to your trip. From Newari towns to temples and monasteries in the outskirts of Kathmandu, you can find these places to be wonderful. We like these places so much that we truly believe you should also explore the wonders there.

The following beautiful non-heritage sites in Kathmandu are the places you should not miss exploring.


One of the most beautiful non-heritage sites in Kathmandu that you should visit is the Newari town of Bungmati. This ethnic town lies in the southern part of Kathmandu valley. Although the place is not a heritage site, this is certainly a culturally rich place to explore. You will explore the town and experience the lifestyle of the local people there. Traditionally, the people living in the town are farmers and woodcarvers. However, you can find people here in different occupation nowadays. But they have preserved their traditional lifestyle so well that you will be overwhelmed.

Bungmati also has a sacred temple of Macchindranath at a square in the middle of the town. This temple shows you the spiritual aspect of the lifestyle of people living there. You will certainly love the experience of exploring the town.


Khokana is another Newari town just next to Bungmati. This is also a traditional ethnic town that boasts an incredible Newari culture and lifestyle. Like in Bungmati, most of the people here are also farmers by tradition. But, nowadays, the situation has changed a bit. Although people have adapted to a modern style of life, they have not certainly forgotten about their tradition and culture.

When you visit this beautiful town, you can explore the amazing local lifestyle and tradition. You can also visit oil mills in the town. In addition to traditional culture, this town is also famous for roasted mustard oil.


Another place that you can visit while in Kathmandu is Pharping. One of the beautiful non-heritage sites in Kathmandu, Pharping is a village of temples and monasteries. There is an important and powerful temple of a Hindu goddess called Dakshinkali. Thousands of Hindu pilgrims visit the temple every day to worship.

In addition to the Dakshinkali temple, Pharping also has several Buddhist monasteries. You can explore those monasteries and ancient cave when you visit Pharping. One of the four important Vishnu temples in Kathmandu valley is also in Pharping. The Shesh Narayan temple is one of the four important Narayan temples in Kathmandu.


Nagarkot is a beautiful hill station in the eastern part of Kathmandu. This beautiful place in nature is famous for the view of sunrise over the mountains. The view of the Himalayan range from Nagarkot is also incredibly beautiful.

An overnight stay in Nagarkot can be a wonderful escape from the crowd of Kathmandu. This wonderful place is also one of the beautiful non-heritage sites in Kathmandu valley that you should visit.


A beautiful hill in the western part of Kathmandu valley, Chandragiri is a happening destination now. Since the establishment of cable car facility, this beautiful hill has attracted people. Although people would hike up to the hill prior to the cable car, the number now has skyrocketed.

When you reach the top of the hill, can enjoy a magnificent view of the Kathmandu valley and the Himalayan range. The top of the hill itself is a beautiful place surrounded by nature. You will have a rejuvenating day experience at Chandragiri.


Although there are so many other beautiful places to explore in Kathmandu valley, these on the list are certainly a-must-go places. These places will give you an amazing experience of visiting beautiful non-heritage sites in Kathmandu.

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