Around Manaslu Trek: An Alternative for Annapurna Circuit Trek

Around Manaslu Trek

Have you heard about the Around Manaslu Trek in the Himalayas of Nepal? If you are a trekking enthusiast and have planned to visit the Himalayas sooner or later, you must have come across the name. If not, you must have heard about Manaslu Circuit Trek. The two names refer to the same trekking adventure.

This walking adventure in the Manaslu region and over the Larke pass has been considered to be an alternative trekking adventure for the famous Annapurna Circuit Trek.

What can you expect on the Around Manaslu Trek?

This beautiful adventure walk goes through the lovely wilderness of the Manaslu region in the Himalayas of Nepal. Unlike its popular counterpart in the Annapurna, Manaslu Circuit Trek gets fewer trekkers in the region. However, the popularity of the trek is growing day by day as more tourists flock to the region every year.

Trekkers in the region like the fewer crowd of people as it gives them plenty of time to themselves. The magnificence of the region is incomparable to the view of the Himalayas and its beautiful natural surroundings. Local villages that come along the trail are rich cultural hubs of local ethnic people.

Those villages offer trekkers warm hospitality and wonderful cultural immersion. The timelessness of the cultural tradition has a direct influence on the local lifestyle that you can experience during the trek.

Where does the trek go to?

Mt. Manaslu is the 8th highest mountain in the world that stands 8,156 meters above sea level in the Himalayas. This beautiful adventure trek takes you to the region of this massive 8,000-meter mountain.

Around Manaslu Trek starts at Soti Khola in the Budhi Gandaki river valley and heads higher every day towards Larke Pass. As you trek higher, you will get closer to the magnificent wilderness with the beautiful surroundings of the mountains. After crossing the Larke Pass at the elevation of 5,160 meters above sea level, you will trek to meet the Annapurna Circuit Trail to take you back.

Highlights of the Trek

As the adventure has been able to attract the attention of people, it has several wonderful attractions along the trail that people like. To point those highlights out of the trek, let’s look at the following.

  • Natural and cultural wonders of the river valley
  • High mountain villages and cultures
  • Breathtaking views of the mountains
  • Walking adventure through peaceful surroundings
  • Larke Pass crossing at the elevation of 5,160 meters
  • Meeting Annapurna Circuit Trail

Manaslu Region: A Remote and Restricted Trekking Region in Nepal

It has not been long since trekking in Manaslu opened for the trekkers. Although trekkers can explore the region, a special permit is required to trek in the area. Independent trekking is not allowed and you have to be in a group of 2 or more people to be able to explore the region.

The special permit can be obtained from immigration through your local trekking company. After completing these official procedures, you will be able to explore your desired trekking adventures in the Manaslu region.

While you are on this adventure, you will explore a remote and restricted area in the mountain. The remoteness of the Nepalese mountains and life there can manifest their best self in the region. You will surely find this adventure trek to be one of the best moments of life if you ever go there. This is certainly the trip that fills you with life-lasting memories to cherish.

If you want to know more about and go on the adventure, please do write to us. We will be happy to answer your questions and organize a wonderful adventure for you if you like.

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