Annapurna Circuit Trek vs Manaslu Circuit Trek: Two Incomparably Comparable Treks

Trekkers walking in the mountains Annapurna Circuit Trek vs Manaslu Circuit Trek

We wrote about the trekking in Manaslu region of the Himalaya in our last post. And you must have got some idea on what it’s like to trek in the region if you have read the post.  In case you have not read the post yet, read it here. There is no doubt that the Manaslu region trekking is one of the best Himalayan adventures. Today, we have come up with a bit of comparative, not actually a comparison though, post on Annapurna Circuit Trek vs Manaslu Circuit Trek. We are trying to compare two incomparable and incredible adventures in the Himalaya.

Let’s take a look at these two adventures.

Annapurna Circuit Trek: A Rare Beauty of the Annapurna Region

The trail of the Annapurna Circuit Trek that goes around the massive Annapurna massif is certainly one of the most popular ones in Nepal. Its popularity was even bigger in the past before the construction of dirt road to Manang.
Initially popular among the long trekking adventure lovers, the walking days on this trail have shortened after the road construction. But, people still head in a bunch to trek in the region every year. You can meet a lot of people as you walk through the region.
Popular for its serene nature, magnificent mountains and cultural wonders of local places, this is certainly a worthy adventure to go. You will traverse the trail from a river valley to a high pass in the mountain. The walk in the region offers you some unparalleled views of the Annapurna range and its surroundings.
Beautiful and ancient cultural settlements like Pisang, Manang, Kagbeni, etc offer an inspiring cultural experience. Exploring the mountain life closely is an incredible experience that you will treasure in life.
The walk starts in Marshyangdi river valley and goes past Thorong La pass to end in the Kali Gandaki river valley. Although a mountain adventure, you will see many trekkers hitting the trail and enjoying the experience. This trek is a beautiful, awesome and popular adventure that you will never regret doing it.

Manaslu Circuit Trek: An Overwhelmingly Peaceful and Beautiful Adventure

Manaslu Circuit Trek is often times famous as an alternative trekking option for the Annapurna circuit trek. That is absolutely true for this amazing adventure. This adventure takes you to the peaceful mountain region of Mt. Manaslu. Walking through the land of the eighth highest mountain in the world is certainly a beautiful experience.
This trekking adventure also starts in a lower river valley of Budhi Gandaki and goes to the mountains to cross Larke La. You finish the trekking in the Marshyangdi river valley. The adventure is also a beautiful combination of nature, mountains, culture and walking in the region.
Peaceful trail with fewer people on it is an advantage of the trek. You will have the trail almost for yourself as there will be very few people trekking along the region. However, the number of trekkers in the region is increasing every year. The surreal beauty of the mountains, nature, and culture makes the walking adventure more enjoyable.

Annapurna Circuit Trek vs Manaslu Circuit Trek: What’s the difference?

There is no doubt that both are great trekking adventures in the Himalaya. The experience you get on these walking trips is surely unparalleled. But, still, after knowing about the trips, you may be able to figure out the one that suits you the best.
Here are some differences, actually the facts, between these two adventures.
Disclaimer: These differences of the treks, however, do not make one better than the other.

  • First of all, the adventures go in different mountain region although both meet together at a certain point of the trek. Annapurna Circuit Trek explores the Annapurna region while Manaslu Circuit Trek shows you the wonders of Manaslu region with a bit of Annapurna region as well.
  • If you love the more peaceful trail, Manaslu Circuit is the one for you but to explore the popular trail, you may prefer the Annapurna circuit.
  • You can go for independent trekking in Annapurna (However we recommend taking a guide with you) while that is not the case for the Manaslu. You need to take a guide to be able to trek around Manaslu circuit. (We can arrange one for you)
  • If you want to trek in Manaslu circuit, you need to obtain a special permit from the government. We can assist you in obtaining a permit for you. While Annapurna requires a normal trekking permit.
  • You will meet more trekkers in the Annapurna than in the Manaslu

While both trekking adventures have unique walking experiences, you certainly cannot do both at the same time. Knowing these differences will surely help you in deciding where you want to go to. Now, we think, we have made it a bit easier for you to choose from Annapurna Circuit Trek vs Manaslu Circuit Trek. Trust us, whichever trek you go to, you will certainly enjoy the adventure.
In fact, these trips are incomparable for their wonderful landscapes, culture, and surroundings. You will have an experience of a lifetime, for sure.

Let us know if we can be of your help in organizing your Nepal travel plan.