Adventure Trekking in Manaslu: Walking around the eighth Highest Mountain in the World

View of Mountain during Adventure Trekking in Manaslu

Mt. Manaslu is the eighth highest mountain in the world that stands 8,156 meters above sea level in the Himalayas of Nepal. After its first ascent in 1956, the mountain has been a center of attraction to many climbers and trekkers. Many people visit there every year for climbing and adventure trekking in Manaslu. However, the crowd heading there is far less than in the other popular trekking regions like Everest and Annapurna. So, people can enjoy the adventure in peaceful surroundings and atmosphere while they are there.

Manaslu Circuit Trek is the most sought after walking adventure in the region although you can go for other trekking options there. Climbing this gigantic mountain is another thrilling adventure that people go there. Together, climbing and trekking, the region attract many adventurers to the region every year. The trekkers and climbers certainly have a good time in their life although they go through lots of challenges.

The area of Adventure Trekking in Manaslu

Manaslu range lies in between Annapurna and Ganesh Himal ranges of the Himalayas. This massive mountain range lies in the part of Gorkha district in Nepal. The range is also famous as Mansiri Himal where several peaks, in addition to Mt. Manaslu, are located.
Although there are several trekking options in the region, the most popular is the stretch of the trail the goes over the Larke Pass to join the Annapurna Circuit Trail. The walk follows the trail along the Budhi Gandaki river valley higher up towards Larke La before, eventually, joining the Marshyangdi river valley.
Optional trekking routes in the region comprise of Tsum Valley Trek, Lower Manaslu Trek, and Manaslu Base Camp Trek. The trekking adventure in Manaslu, whichever option you go for, is certainly an incredible trip.

Budhi Gandaki River Valley

Right from the beginning of the adventure in the region, you will walk along a beautiful river valley. The Budhi Gandaki River that originates from the Mt. Manaslu has formed a beautiful valley. As you trek upstream along the valley, you can explore and learn about the wonderful rural cultural traditions developed for long.
The beautiful valley, surrounding greenery and local settlements along the region offers a wonderful experience of the peaceful walk. It’s a pure joy of exploring nature and culture.

Nubri Valley

As you trek upstream along the Budhi Gandaki river valley, you reach the wonderful Nubri valley deep in the mountains. Beautiful cultural villages of Sama, Bihi, Prok, and Lho form the wonderful valley. Walking through the region offers you breathtaking views of the mountains. In addition, you will also get to enjoy timeless cultural wonders in the villages along the trail.
You will find contrasting features in the Budhi Gandaki and Nubri valley surroundings, settlements, and lifestyle.

Larke La (Also Larkya La)

Larke La is the highest elevation that you will gain when you trek in the region. This high mountain pass lies at the elevation of 5,125 meters above sea level. It offers an overwhelming view of the mountains in the surroundings. Walking through the pass is certainly a challenge but definitely a worthy adventure. After crossing the pass, you will walk towards the Marshyangdi river valley.
However, except for Manaslu Circuit Trek, other options of trekking in the region do not go over the pass.

Marshyangdi River Valley

The adventure walk that started in the Budhi Gandaki River valley ends eventually in the Marshyangdi River valley. You will get to explore and experience two river valley lifestyle and culture during the adventure trek around Manaslu. And, in between two river valleys, you have high mountain wilderness with captivating charm to explore and enjoy.

Open for the trekkers since 1991, Manaslu region receives fewer trekkers than other popular regions. The greatest advantage of trekking in the region is a small crowd. You will have all the peace to yourself. There will be fewer people walking along the trail and you can enjoy the beauty of trekking in a peaceful atmosphere.
The adventure trekking in Manaslu is considered as an alternative to the Annapurna Circuit Trek. If you love walking in the mountains where there are fewer people walking, this is the perfect adventure to go to.

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