9 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

9 Days Everest Base Camp Trek

Would you cancel your plan to trek to Everest base camp because you do not have enough time? But, did you know that the Everest base camp trek can be done in just nine days from Kathmandu? This article will give you insight into how you can go on 9 Days Everest Base Camp Trek.

Let’s see what’s in the plan of nine days to complete the most popular trek in Nepal.

As a dream destination for many trekkers, Everest Base Camp Trek gets thousands of trekkers traversing the trail every year. The adventure can get as fascinating and overwhelming as you are heading to the Everest base camp.

9 Days Everest Base Camp Trek: Yes, It’s Possible

You must be wondering how on earth it is possible to complete a trekking adventure to Everest base camp in just nine days. But, yes it is possible and you can also do it. A regular trekking trip to Everest base camp takes twelve days to complete from Kathmandu to Kathmandu. But what makes the trip possible in just nine days? Let’s have a look at those components that shorten the trip and make it a 9-day trip.

It’s only Trekking up to the Base Camp

The trek starts from Lukla after you fly there from Kathmandu. You follow the normal trekking itinerary up to the base camp. It takes you eight days in total to reach the Everest base camp. As you traverse the trail up towards the base camp, you two days in between to acclimatize at Namche and Dingboche.

After the eighth day of trekking from Lukla, you reach the magnificent base camp of Everest. You can enjoy the beauty of the region without being in any rush to complete the trek in a shorter time.
So, you may question again, how it is possible to complete the trek in nine days when it takes you eight days to reach the base camp. The fact is when you reach the base camp, you actually complete the trek. You do not need to trek any more days on the return trip.

You fly back to Kathmandu by Helicopter

When you make it to the Everest base camp and enjoy the magnificence of it and its surroundings, you complete the trek on this trip. The return trip to Kathmandu is planned by a helicopter pick up from Gorakshep.

On the ninth day, a direct pick-up by helicopter has been arranged from Gorakshep to take you back to Kathmandu. You wake up early in the wonderful mountain vicinity at Gorakshep on the ninth day to hike up to Kalapatthar and enjoy an even more spectacular view of the mountains in the region.

You will have some incredible time to spend at Kalapatthar before you descend to Gorakshep to have breakfast. As you finish your breakfast and wait for the helicopter, you can enjoy the surroundings.

The helicopter will take you back to Kathmandu via Lukla on the ninth day of the trip to finish it in Kathmandu.

This trip has been designed to suit people who have a short time yet want to explore the magnificence of Everest. It’s just a 9-day trip and you can make it.

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