9 Amazing Things to do in Kathmandu

View of a beautiful town in Kathmandu - one of the things to do in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is the bustling capital city of Nepal. As the city holds the only international airport in Nepal, people visiting Nepal certainly visit Kathmandu. With the presence of several heritage sites, beautiful local streets, bazar and peaceful nature in the surroundings, there are a lot of things to do in Kathmandu. From a sightseeing tour to local bazar exploration, you can do a lot of different activities in between.

The beautiful valley of Kathmandu has a history of over 2000 years of existence. A lot of different cultural practices have developed and evolved in the course of this time period. We can still find the ancient cultural traces in the lifestyle of people today. If you know the things you can do while you are in Kathmandu, you can certainly enjoy varieties of experiences.

Here are a few amazing things to do in Kathmandu

These activities in Kathmandu will certainly give you a beautiful experience. Let’s take a look at those activities.

Cultural Heritage Tour

If you have an extra full day in Kathmandu, you can go for a cultural heritage day tour. You can explore beautiful ancient and medieval cultural heritage sites during the tour. When you go on a full day tour, you can explore four places. The tour will give you experience and insight on the culture, spirituality and a long history of Kathmandu valley.

Walking Tour

Walking exploration of the old streets of Kathmandu with local bazaars is another wonderful thing to indulge in. This activity will go for about 2-3 hours so perfectly suitable for short time utilization. You will walk through the local market place where you can experience the daily life activities of local people.

Mountain Flight to Everest

A great way to make your morning beautifully awesome! Mountain Flight to Everest brings you an amazing chance to enjoy the magnificence of Mt. Everest and other mountains in the region. The flight of about an hour takes you for a flight experience in the Everest region.

Helicopter Tour

Helicopter tour is one of the most amazing things to do in Kathmandu. You can always choose your destination to go on a helicopter tour. This is a perfect option for the people who do not want to trek but want to experience the magnificence of the mountains. If you go on the Everest Helicopter Tour, you will fly to the Everest region, land in the mountains, and explore the magnificence for some time. You can also enjoy breakfast with the view.
You can do this tour as a package or as a day tour on a shared basis.

Day Hiking

If you want to spend your day in a natural surrounding and enjoy walking, a day hiking trip is a perfect choice. There are several destinations around Kathmandu valley where you can go for a beautiful day of hiking exploration.

Local Cooking Experience

If you like to try cooking local cuisines where you travel, the local cooking experience in Kathmandu can be an awesome thing to do. You can always choose to do this for a half day activity. Learn to cook from Dal Bhat to momo the Nepali way.

Yoga and Meditation

When you are in Kathmandu, you can always include yoga and meditation in your things to do list. There are many great yoga studios and centers that you can go for practice. If you want to go on a peaceful yoga retreat, you can do that too. You will find the vibes in the atmosphere perfect for a yoga practice.

Newari Village Tour

This activity will allow you to explore the life and culture of the Newari community. The Newars have their own unique lifestyle, culture, and tradition. Visiting the old Newari towns will give you a beautiful cultural experience.

Monastery Visit

If you want to feel the peace and magnificence inside a Buddhist monastery, you can certainly plan the one in Kathmandu. The surroundings of Kathmandu have several beautiful Buddhist monasteries. You can visit one of those amazing places and experience the lifestyle of a Buddhist monk.

Whether you are in Kathmandu to go trekking in the mountains or for a cultural tour around Nepal, you should certainly include activities to do in Kathmandu. Your entire experience of visiting Nepal will be even better with the addition of these activities.

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