5 Days Everest Trek

Trekking to Everest in the Himalayas of Nepal is a popular choice for adventure trekkers from around the world. Many adventurers dream of trekking to the Everest region just to enjoy the charismatic beauty of the Himalayan peaks. Most of the trekkers to the Everest region plan to make it to the base camp of the highest mountain in the world but some cannot do it because of their time restrictions. Lack of enough days on their short holiday keeps them from reaching Everest Base Camp. So, for the adventurers who have a short holiday and still want to make it to the Everest region, this 5 Days Everest Trek is the best trip ever to get an amazing experience of the Everest region.

The trip takes you to the beautiful town of Lukla to start the short trek along the Everest Base Camp trekking trail. From Lukla, the trail leads you along the bank of Dudh Koshi River to Phakding and to Namche and up to Khumjung and brings you all the way back down to Lukla and Kathmandu. The experience of Sherpa culture, serene nature, and the stunning Himalayas with the magical glimpse of Mt. Everest and other mountain peaks is something that you will cherish in your life.

5 Days Everest Trek Trip

Highlights of the 5 Days Everest Trek

This trip is a beautiful trekking exploration of the lower region of the Everest base camp trail. Although a short trek, you will get to experience wonderful views of mountains, nature, and culture. As this is just a 5-day adventure, you might feel short of time but still, the experience you get is unparalleled. Here are a few amazing things which you can experience during the trek.

  • An exciting flight to Lukla
  • Beautiful and peaceful nature along the trail
  • Breathtaking views of the mountains
  • Namche Bazar and its surroundings
  • Small and beautiful settlements along the trail
  • Immersion in the Sherpa cultural riches

The Cost and Trekking Permit

When you are on the 5 Days Everest Trek, the cost covers food, accommodation, flight, support staff, etc. It includes your accommodation and all the major meals in the mountains. While you are trekking, you will eat your breakfast and dinner at the guesthouse where you stay and lunch along the trail. You will also get a professional trekking guide and a necessary number of porters to help you enjoy the adventure.

A trekking permit is necessary to go on a trekking adventure in Nepal. This trek also needs you to have a trekking permit before you enter the trekking area. From TIMS cards to National parks and local government royalty, you will have it all covered by the cost when you are on our package.

If you want a full service from arrival to departure for the short trek in Everest, check this package.

Trekking Days

5 Days Everest Trek

Best Time for 5 Days Everest Trek

Although trekking is doable throughout the year, Nepal offers the two best trekking seasons – spring (March-May) and autumn (September – November). Winter and summer months experience extreme weather conditions, which makes trekking more challenging. The months from December to February are extremely cold and June to August are rainy.

Although it is possible to trek during the winter and summer months, the weather condition will be pretty challenging. However, as it goes only to the lower Everest region, it is possible to trek throughout the year.


This is an ideal trip for you if you want to enjoy the wonders of Everest in a short time. You will explore the lower part of the trail to Everest base camp and get a beautiful experience of trekking in the mountains.

Let us know if you have any questions about the trip.