5 Awesome Things to know about Annapurna Base Camp Trek

One of the things to know about Annapurna base camp trek is the view it has to offer

When you know that you want to go trekking in Nepal, you certainly come through the trip Annapurna Base Camp Trek. It is one of the best base camp treks in Nepal and offers an incredible trekking experience. But what did you know about the adventure? Did you have an idea about these 5 awesome things to know about Annapurna Base Camp Trek? Let’s just have a look at those amazing things on the trek.
The wonders of Annapurna can be overwhelming to anyone traveling there. From the views of the mountains to the unspoiled nature, you will enjoy each and everything that comes across.

Check out these 5 things to know about Annapurna Base Camp Trek

These awesome things about the trek are basically the highlights that you will experience on the trip. Of many, we have shortlisted 5 of them.

Walk through lush greenery

Did you know that the trek to Annapurna Base Camp takes you through beautiful greenery along the trail? Right from the beginning of the trip, you will find yourself amongst the green surroundings. The trail meanders through beautiful rhododendron, bamboo forest in addition to other plants.
Walking to the base camp is certainly a peaceful nature walk that offers a soothing experience of nature. One of the best parts about the trek is certainly the greenery. It feels incredible to walk through the green surroundings.

Spring rhododendron bloom

If you love colorful flowers, this trek is the perfect trip during the spring season. The months of March to May get all the rhododendron trees along the trail in bloom. You can enjoy the flowers of red, pink, white, yellow and other colors covering the entire forest. The view of the national flower of Nepal in bloom is a captivating charm.
The lower region of the trail offers you the awesome rhododendron view during the spring season. If you trek to the base camp via Ghorepani Poo Hill Trek route, you will certainly be awed by the beauty of rhododendrons.

River valley trek towards the sanctuary

The beginning and the later part of the trek upstream is along the beautiful river valley. The Modi Khola that originates in the sanctuary flows down the valley. And the trail to the base camp follows the same amazing valley towards the destination.
It is a wonderful experience to walk along the river valley as you listen to the sounds of water flowing down the valley.

Witness the sunrise over the Himalayas

There is nothing like witnessing the magnificence of rising sun from behind the Himalayas. The hues cast upon the mountains reflect unbelievable joys to our heart. Enjoying the sunrise from Poon Hill and Annapurna base camp has such a beauty to overwhelm us. Early morning wake up for the sunrise and the views of mountains is certainly a worthy thing to do on the adventure.
Sunrise view over the Himalayas is certainly one of the 5 awesome things to know about Annapurna base camp trek.

Annapurna Base camp is the Himalayan amphitheater

When you reach the Annapurna Base Camp after traversing the trail through the river valley, you feel like you are in a magical land. The base camp is an amphitheater to witness the magical charm of the mountains in the surroundings.
The breathtaking sanctuary of the mountains offers an enigmatic view of the surroundings. Sitting at the wonderful base camp and enjoying the view is an experience like nothing else.

These five wonderful things will certainly make the highlights of the trip. Although we have listed only five things here, there are so many other wonderful attractions that come along the trek. We cannot stay from admiring each and every moment of our time on the trek. And, for sure, other wonderful things are no less than the ones mentioned here.

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