3 Reasons why People Love Everest Helicopter Tour

A Helicopter flying to the Everest on a Tour

If you love adventure, you must have heard about the Everest base camp trek. And the trip must have certainly appealed you but you thought you would never get enough time to do it. You are not alone to think that way. There are so many people who have always dreamed of going to the Everest base camp but the time always came in between. But don’t worry; there is always a way when you want something so badly. Go for a Helicopter Tour to the Everest. There are so many reasons why people love Everest Helicopter Tour.

Everest Helicopter Tour sounds an intriguing idea, doesn’t it? And it is surely a worthy idea to try and go for it. Like so many other people who have already done it, you will also love the experience. You will also fulfill your long desired dream of exploring the Everest base camp and enjoying the magnificence of mountains.

Sorting out the reasons why people love Everest helicopter tour is not an easy task.

But you will find these points valid and exciting for you to take yourself on the tour. While the idea of exploring mountains is an exciting one, doing it by a helicopter surely adds to the charm of it. Read the reasons to on a helicopter tour to Everest and, later, look for the chance to be on the adventure.

1. You don’t need to trek at all

Did you always think that you need to trek to enjoy the wonders of mountains? You may find it wrong. Although trekking is an exciting adventure, many people like you may not have a whole 2 weeks to trek all the way to the mountains. Or you may think that it’s a long trekking adventure and is not your type. But you may have always wanted to explore and enjoy the magical charm of the Everest base camp. You are reading the right page now.
When you fly to the Everest on a helicopter, you do not need to trek at all. The tour takes you straight to the Everest and back to Kathmandu just in 4 hours of time. No sweating, no panting, not tiredness but you get to enjoy the magnificence of the mountains in the Everest.

2. A short adventure that brings the memory you treasure for a lifetime

Isn’t it amazing that you get an experience of a lifetime on a trip of just 3 days? Although the total trip duration is 3 days, the actual adventure goes just for only 4 hours. But the experience you get to enjoy is of a lifetime.
Waking up on the luxury of your 5-star hotel bed in Kathmandu and flying to the Everest to explore the mountains sounds surreal. But you will not believe that you are doing this and it is actually happening.

3. Sleep in the city and enjoy breakfast in the mountains

How does it sound if you get to savor your breakfast with a magical view of the mountains? Just unreal, right? You will be able to enjoy the bliss of eating your breakfast with the view of the highest mountain in the world. Fly deep into the mountains to the Everest region and enjoy mountain breakfast as you watch the Everest standing overwhelmingly right in front.
Where else will you get the luxury of sleeping in a five-star hotel in the city and flying to the mountain to enjoy your breakfast? Isn’t it a sexy idea?

When you go for the adventure, you will certainly get to enjoy all the magical charm that the base camp has to offer. You will miss only the trekking fun along the mountains. But you will not regret doing it since it offers you memories to cherish for a lifetime.
Flying to the Everest and landing amidst the magnanimous mountains is an adventure that fascinates people. The reasons we gave you above are not the only reasons but, certainly, the main ones to go on the trip. Once you plan and go on the tour, you will not be able to explain the joy in words.